How to Brake on a Motorcycle

Brake is the most essential element of your bike. It allows you to slow down and stop safely. If you want to be more precise, its importance is not just for slowing down. It also allows you to control your speed when riding in every condition.

The following are the techniques on how to brake on a motorcycle properly-

01 Find Your Brakes

You must feel your brakes when riding and learn how they work. Different bikes have different braking systems, i.e., the pressure required, lever travel, bite point, etc.

The only way to know what your brakes are is to feel them. This will also allow you to find the location of the bite point on your brakes.

02 Balance Your Weight during the Braking Process

When riding a bike, shift your weight backward. It’s the safest way to brake. If you move your weight forward, it won’t be easy to maintain control over the bike. Shifting the weight forward works well for cars with their engine-based foundation to rest. But keeping a motorcycle upright without moving weight rearward would be complicated.

03 Straighten Your Bike Out Before You Apply Brakes

A straight line is the shortest distance between two points. This becomes important when looking at a motorcycle because it represents the shortest distance between you and the objects around you. By shifting your weight backward while leaning forward, you effectively reduce your stopping distance which is shorter than if you had kept your legs straight and your back leaned against the seat.

04 Always Use both Your Front and Rear Brake Simultaneously

Many motorcyclists believe that breaking more effectively is done by using the rear brake only. This argument does have merit in that it reduces the possibility of skidding and side slipping. The best way to stop a motorcycle in an emergency is by using both the front and rear brakes together. This allows you to brake more efficiently while keeping control over the bike.

Final Words

At first, braking can seem like a strange concept to grasp. Once it becomes natural, it will significantly enhance your riding ability beyond just stopping in time.

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