5 Easy Ways to Become a Motorcycle Cop

When growing up, we all admired to see the men in uniform patrolling the estates, streets, and highways, among other areas. However, for those who were bike enthusiasts from childhood, seeing a motorcycle cop always evoked a great deal of admiration which may have grown to a passion in adulthood. If you are already a cop, you probably know how to be a motorcycle cop. If you are still a civilian and passionate about serving as a cop, this article will guide you on how to become a motorcycle cop.

1. Apply To Be A Police Officer

Apply for a recruit position, attend interviews, and join the police training program if successful. The program runs for 3 -6 months, where you learn the laws, police equipment, and responsibilities, among other topics. Stay focused and ensure you pass the final police exam and the physical tests.

2. Apply To A Motorcycle Unit Or Traffic Department

After graduating from the academy, identify the police department that has a dedicated motorcycle or traffic unit. In most cases, those departments have motorcycles since it’s easier to maneuver traffic with them.  

3. Serve As Standard Patrol Officer

You have to serve for at least 3 – 10 years as a standard patrol officer before applying for a motorcycle cop position. Within this period, maintain high discipline and get a license to operate a motorcycle in your state.

4. Apply for the position of a motorcycle cop

After serving the prerequisite period, it’s time to pursue your passion. Let the supervisors of the traffic department know you are interested in joining their unit from the onset. Please apply for the position as soon as it is available. In some cases, you may be transferred to the unit without necessarily applying for it.

5. Join The Motorcycle Unit

If you are successful in the interview, then you can join the unit. You will then attend the motor training for approximately one month. Ace the training and start serving your country.


Being a motorcycle cop is more than being a motorcycle enthusiast. You have to be passionate about the job, loyal to the calling, and read to serve your country. Hope to meet you in traffic someday.

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