Tips on Being a Good Passenger on a Motorcycle

Did you know that the moment you give a motorcycle rider consent to be their passenger, your life entirely depends on how the rider rides the machine? So, next time before you board a motorcycle as a passenger, make sure you know how to be a passenger on a motorcycle.

What You Should Know About Being the Best Motorbike Passenger

Being a competent motorcycle rider is hard. Being the competent individual enjoying the ride behind the rider is also tricky but easy if you adhere to the following simple guidelines.

Have all the facts about the rider

Before sitting on that motorcycle’s backseat, make sure you ask about the rider’s experience and if they have a valid license. If you notice your rider does not adhere to safety measures like wearing the correct protective gear, do not board that motorcycle.

  • Maintain a good sitting position

Your feet should always be at the foot pedals. When the rider is negotiating a corner, thus leaning on one side, make sure you also lean. Don’t forget that your arms ought to be around the waist of the rider.

  • Put on the appropriate protective gear

Some of the protective equipment you should wear before the ride includes a helmet, a pair of appropriate gloves, riding trousers, a riding jacket, and boots. This equipment will protect you in case of a collision.

  • Familiarize yourself with the state of the roads and traffic

Know when and where the rider is likely to accelerate or slow down, as this will help you become more mentally and physically alert. You should also predict the rider’s next move during the ride, making the trip more comfortable.

Final Word

According to research, the likelihood of injury to the rider and the passenger from a multiple and single motor collision is 98% and 96%, respectively. Therefore, to avoid these collisions on the road, observe the simple guidelines outlined above and be the best motorbike passenger.

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