How to Adjust Motorcycle Mirrors

Motorcycle mirrors are designed to help make it easier for bikers. They help them see everything behind them and on both sides of their bike at all times. Otherwise, there would be blind spots that may cause an accident.

By doing this simple adjustment, bikers will be able to see everything without any trouble.

Bring Your Bike to an Upright Position

The first step in taking care of mirror adjustments is ensuring both ends are secure where they meet the biker’s handlebars and frame. If you do not tighten these down, then your mirrors will shake back and forth when riding.

Next, bikers need to move their motorcycle up close to a wall or something else that is solid so they can measure how much adjustment is needed from there.

Adjust Both Mirrors Simultaneously

Once your bike is in place on a steady surface, measure where you want your mirror to end up. Adjust the screws on the mirror, so it is in place and doesn’t move around as much.

When adjusting motorcycle mirrors, a simple rule of thumb is to tighten the little screws at one end while holding up their partner at the other side. This will ensure the mirror stays put after everything has been removed from your motorcycle or scooter.

Dial-In Your Baseline Adjustment

The best method for manually dialing-in adjustments is to turn your motorcycle on its side stand. Look over at the center of each mirror’s field of view.

From that position, if an object appears to be in the center of your field of view, then it will also appear to be in the center when you’re sitting on your bike straight up. Adjust each mirror slightly until these objects are at their very top edges.

After tightening these screws, try moving your motorcycle back and forth a few times to see if anything slips out of place.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t want to deal with fixing something yourself, then take it to a dealer. It will cost a little bit of money, but then you can expect great results. This may save you from having any more problems later.

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