How to Adjust Carburetor Air Fuel Mixture on Motorcycle

Carburetor adjustment is one of the proven methods in motorcycle modification. The overall objective is to optimize the air-fuel ratio and maximize engine performance.

The following are steps on How to adjust carburetor air-fuel mixture on a motorcycle-

1. Prepare Tools

Have all the equipment required for this process. You need Air filter cleaner and dryers, a sharp tool to trim any obstructions, and a carburetor cleaner for removing all deposits from the carburetor bowl work area.

2. Release Fuel Pressure and Place Stopper in Carb Bowl Porthole

Remove gas cap, then drain fuel into an approved container. Use a flat head screwdriver to tap the fuel line from inside the gas tank repeatedly. Place a stopper in the carb bowl porthole so that gases escaping from the engine cannot be sucked back.

3. Adjust Idle Screw

If your motorcycle has an idle adjuster screw on its carburetor, turn it counter-clockwise until closed completely. Tighten its locking nut against it.

4. Remove Carburetor Bowl Cover

Remove the carburetor bowl cover with a flat head screwdriver. Gently pry up the edges of the gasket with a small flat head screwdriver to get under it with your fingers.

5. Pull Float and Seat Apart

Remove the float and its rubber seat. Wipe any excess fuel off both components. Pull out the seat with your fingers to extend it from the float. Remove all obstructions in between and around these two parts. Use a small flathead screwdriver to remove deposits from the carburetor bowl gently.

6. Adjust Carburetor Float Setting

Use a clean rag to cover your engine in case of leaks. This prevents excess lubricant from entering into its inner working and causing damage. It also prevents debris from getting into the carburetor.

7. Re-Assemble the Float and the Seat

Inspect the gasket inside the seat, then place your float back into its original position. Wipe off excess lubricant around the outer rim of the float bowl cavity. Install the rubber seat onto the carburetor until it is fully seated in its groove.

Summing Up

Carburetor adjustment is a complex process that needs a lot of practice. Follow the above steps carefully to adjust your carburetor and have a smooth riding experience.

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