How Tight Should A Motorcycle Helmet Be

Every motorcycle rider is encouraged to wear safety gear which includes a well-fitting helmet. Have you ever put on a helmet, and it felt oversized, or your head felt so squeezed by the cheek pads? Both situations can cause a lot of discomfort. A loosely-fitting helmet will move around while riding, and a tightly-fitting one will make you feel like you are being compressed. So, how tight should a motorcycle helmet be? Let us look deeper into this question.

Why fitness of the helmet matters?

In addition to keeping you comfortable and safe, a fitting helmet is essential because:

  1. It eliminates the concentration of fog and condensation
  2. It facilitates airflow, thereby supporting breathing
  3. It reduces the lifting effect at high speeds

Motorcycle helmet fitness test

Make sure that helmet fits you properly before buying it. Wear it for approximately 15-30 minutes, and by the time it’s over, you will have known whether the helmet is too loose or too tight. 

The following tips can help test whether your helmet fits properly during that period-

• The face shield should not touch your nose or chin.

• The helmet’s cheek pads should touch your cheeks and not cause discomfort.

• It should not move around if you twist your head side to side.

• Keep your head straight, fasten the chin strap and try to lift off the helmet. If it lifts off your head, it is probably too large for your head.

• You should feel comfortable at your pressure points.

• The helmet should not move if you lean forward and roll the helmet while the chin straps are fastened.

• If you wear glasses, the helmet should not press them.

• It should not feel like a heavy load on your head.

The bottom Line

Don’t just buy a helmet. Check whether it fits properly. Look for a helmet that is not too tight and not very loose – comfortable and snug. Please test it and make the right choice like your life depends on it; sure it does in case of an accident.

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