How Often to Change Motorcycle Oil?

Do just about anything for your motorcycle, but forget about the essential and essential additive, oil, and your wallet can stick around for a long time.

How often you change your oil, the level you fill it at, and the type of oil you use to make the difference between a bike that lasts and one that doesn’t.

Here are some basic tips when it comes to oil and motorcycles-

When do you change the oil on your bike?

The forces operating inside the engine are different, and the oil particles themselves break down when the engine is running. The used oil must be replaced every 2000-3000 kilometers.

If you own a small motorcycle, it is good that it runs at a higher temperature than larger bikes, so the oil requires to be changed more often.

Motorcycle maintenance

It’s best to drain the oil when the bike has warmed up properly; this dilutes the oil and allows it to drain faster.

Park the motorcycle on flat ground

Oil drips all over the place when you release the sink plug, ensuring you have a large enough container beforehand.
Remember to check the oil filter and change it if necessary!

Works with a new engine

New motorcycles require more care when it comes to oil. The surfaces inside the new engine are very rough and take time to wear smoothly. Metal particles released during this process must be removed from the engine, so the regular oil change intervals for the first two changes should be cut in half.


The mechanics of the story tell you otherwise. Some are good, and some are bad! However, never use additives on a new motorcycle as this will lengthen the running process. These are just a few of the basics when it comes to oil and your motorcycle. Get to know your bike, and you will discover its exact requirements.

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