How Much Is a Motorcycle?

Does the sound of a speed bike send a rush of adrenaline down your spine? Do you love bikes but don’t own one? If this is you, you have also probably asked yourself, “how much is a motorcycle”?

The first thing you will probably do is visit several motorcycle dealers to view the available options. When you decide the bike you want to buy, you may need to compare prices from one dealer to another. You want a quality bike at an affordable price. There is no specific price for a motorcycle. However, various factors determine the cost of a bike and include but are not limited to:

Age of the bike

A new bike will cost more than a new one. If the bike has covered several miles, its value depreciates as it covers more distance. The effects of wear and tear cause this depreciation.

Engine Size

Manufacturers measure engine size in cubic centimeters (CC). Motorcycles with a larger engine size or higher CC cost more than those with a lower engine size.

Type of motorcycle

There are various types of bikes in the market. These common types include:

• Cruiser

• Sportbike

• Touring bike

• Standard

• Snow bike

• Dirt bike

• Dual-purpose or adventure bike

• Scooter, among others.

All the above bikes have different buying prices because of the variation in their features.

Motorcycle brand

Different companies produce motorcycles with varying brand names. Each brand comes with its price. Popular brands such as Harley Davidson, Ducati, and BMW may cost more than Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki for bikes with almost similar features.


A motorcycle with extra features will cost more than one with few features. Similarly, bikes with high horsepower will cost more than the ones with low horsepower.


There is no specific cost of a motorcycle as it is determined by the factors cited above and others. However, most new entry-level motorcycles range from $2,000 to $10,000 for high-end bikes. Choose a bike that is within your budget and you can maintain properly.

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