How Much Does a Vespa Cost?

If you are considering buying a Vespa, you are probably wondering how much they cost. The good news is that they’re not very expensive. Here’s an overview of the price range, the fuel range, and the maintenance schedule. You can also find out more about features and other costs. So, let’s start shopping! Here are a few points to keep in mind when buying a Vespa.

Price range

The price range of a Vespa can be quite extensive. You can buy a Vespa with a 4.5-inch color TFT display for $7,749, or you can opt for a more affordable model. You should look for a scooter that is in your price range, but still has features you need. You may also consider purchasing a Vespa if you intend to sell it for a profit later on.


Vespa is an advanced platform for big data serving. Its broad query capabilities, computation engine, and support for modern machine-learned models make modern applications simple and affordable to develop. With a powerful compute engine and hands-off operability, Vespa enables developers to easily build and deploy complex applications. Besides being cost-efficient, Vespa supports a wide range of computations, including full-text, vectors, positional information, and exact distance metrics.

Fuel range

What is the fuel range of a Vespa? These scooters are similar to motorcycles, with the exception that they don’t require a special license to drive. Like motorcycles, Vespas are geared and require shifting to move from gear to gear. Fuel range varies, so it’s important to know how much fuel your scooter can take. Vespas also tend to hold their value when you sell them.

Maintenance schedule

A Vespa’s engine uses a variety of fluids to operate. Engine oil is probably the most important, but there are also other vital fluids, such as brake fluid, transmission oil, and coolant, that should be checked regularly. The first year of Vespa ownership calls for more frequent oil changes, usually twice a year. The second year calls for oil changes only once per year. Regardless, it’s important to regularly change the oil for the engine and prevent future engine problems.


Reliability is an important factor when choosing a scooter and Vespas are well known for their reliability. Though Vespas are notorious for being reliable, they require careful maintenance and upkeep. Their simple design and steel frame make them more reliable than other scooters. Besides, the Vespa is a compact and lightweight daily commuter. Its reliability is assured by the fact that it is thoroughly tested and certified.

Environmental impact

While you may not think about it when driving a Vespa, it can have a major impact on the environment. These scooters use gasoline and oil in their engines, which directly evaporate into the air. These fuels contribute to air pollution, and can be up to 30 times more harmful than those produced by four-stroke engines. Fortunately, Vespa introduced the 4-stroke Vespa ET4 in 1997 to make them more environmentally friendly. Piaggio improved the ET4’s engine for longer performance and lower CO2 emissions. Vespa LX and S V3 scooters consume one liter of fuel, which is enough to travel 35 miles or more.

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