How Many Harley Davidson Motorcycles Are Sold Each Year?

We all love riding our Harley, but how many motorcycles are sold each year? We’ve heard different answers: 2.4 million, 2.3 million, 2.7 million, or 2.8 millions. Which number is right? The answer is up to you, but we know some facts. Let’s look at some of the top selling Harleys. Listed below are the most popular styles.

2.4 million

The company has a history of producing quality motorcycles with innovative designs, and the 2.4 million sold each year are testament to the success of the brand. In addition to designing and producing high-quality motorcycles, Harley-Davidson manufactures a variety of accessories to enhance its motorcycles’ performance. Its trademark “dual belt drive” system has been used since the company’s founding. The company also introduced a new frame in 1993 that houses a battery and oil tank. It also introduced a six-US-gallon fuel tank for touring models. This model was discontinued after three years, but brought back as a commemorative model in 1991.

2.3 million

The Milwaukee-based company has been manufacturing and selling motorcycles for over a century. The company recently announced a marketing campaign that it hopes will boost brand awareness in the U.S., where the price of new bikes is dropping because of foreign competition. The company said worldwide retail sales fell 0.6 percent to 46,857 units and the U.S. market share increased by 3.4 percent to 26.04 million motorcycles.

2.7 million

In the last six months, Harley-Davidson dealers sold 144,447 motorcycles worldwide. Sales were up 11.9% in the Asia Pacific and Latin America regions. Canada sales were up 2.4%. In contrast, the U.S. and EMEA regions experienced declines of 2.7% and 3.6%, respectively. The sales drop was partly due to an unusually cool and wet spring in the United States.

2.8 million

In the first quarter of 2016, Harley Davidson motorcycle retail sales declined 2.8 percent. This decline followed three straight quarters of double-digit declines. Retail sales increased in Europe, Canada, Asia Pacific and Latin America, however, while sales dipped in the United States. The company is still confident, however, that it can capitalize on its popularity and continue to grow its business. This article explores how Harley Davidson motorcycles can benefit its sales.

3.2 million

The sales of Harley Davidson motorcycles are down a bit this year, with fourth-quarter shipment volumes forecast to be between 44,200 and 49,200 units, down from 48,149 in the previous quarter. Harley-Davidson Motor Company reported second-quarter 2010 sales of $831.6 million, a slight increase over the same period last year. The company shipped 59,046 motorcycles to distributors worldwide, compared to 58,179 motorcycles sold during the same period last year.

3.5 million

In the first quarter of 2014, Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealers sold 144,447 new bikes globally. That was up slightly from the year-ago period. In the U.S., Harley-Davidson motorcycles were up a modest 2.4% from the year-ago quarter. Unit sales in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions were down. The weak economy and abnormally cold spring were also a factor.

4.2 million

Sales of Harley Davidson motorcycles have decreased slightly over the past year. However, the company is gaining ground as the brand’s marketing strategy continues to expand. Sales at Harley-Davidson dealerships in the U.S. rose 5.9 percent over the same period last year, while those in other parts of the world declined. In the first nine months of 2014, the company sold 73,217 new motorcycles, up from 70,517 in the same period last year.

4.5 million

According to estimates by Harley-Davidson, the motorcycle maker will sell about 4.5 million bikes a year. However, that number may not be accurate. Sales were down 7% to 8% in the third quarter compared to the year-ago quarter. Harley-Davidson is also predicting that it will sell about 46,700 to 51,700 motorcycles during the fourth quarter, down from the year-ago period. Overall, Harley-Davidson is forecasting a 9% decline in its third-quarter operating margin, while its capital expenditures will increase by about $200 million.

4.8 million

According to the latest numbers, 4.4 million Harley Davidson motorcycles are sold each and every year. Despite tough economic conditions, sales of Harley Davidson motorcycles continue to rise and remain high. The company sold 260,839 new motorcycles in the second quarter of 2014 compared to 43,405 during the same period last year. Unit sales increased by 9.7% in the Asia-Pacific region and 11.5% in EMEA. The North American and Latin American markets also saw higher sales, which boosted the Motorcycles segment’s bottom line. The global motorcycle maker also increased its average unit price, which dropped by 2.8% to $1,538 versus a previous-year baseline.

4.9 million

A strong dollar has lowered the price of Harley-Davidson models worldwide, as foreign rivals sell their bikes at lower prices. The aging baby boomer population has also weighed heavily on Harley’s sales. And in some Asian countries, Harley bikes are too large to transport. Still, sales are increasing. Here are some reasons why. Here are a few of the most compelling. They’ll blow your mind.

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