Signs You Need to Replace A Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet is one of the essential motorcycle riding safety gear. A good and robust helmet is necessary if you value your health and wellness. Motorcycle helmets, however, have a life span. According to industrial standards, you should use a motorcycle helmet for five years as long as there are no cuts. Updated and well-maintained helmets help keep you safe. Modern helmets are fitted with safety technology and updated comfort. This is how you know you need a new helmet.

An Old Helmet

How long is a motorcycle helmet good for, as mentioned in the introduction, is if you have used the helmet for at least five years without any cuts. The helmet goes through daily wear and tear and weakens if it goes beyond five years. They have exposure to UV rays which affects the helmet’s integrity. The glues holding it together weaken with time.

Lock Failure

If the helmet locks stop working properly, buy a new one. You may also have a chin strap replacement. It is an essential element of a motorcycle helmet as it keeps the helmet stuck to your head. A strap may become corroded due to weather and dirt and thus fail to function well.

The Exterior Shows Wear and Tear

Essentially, a helmet absorbs shock by absorbing impact internally. Helmets contain an EPS, Expanded Polystyrene Shell, which absorbs mechanical shock. If involved in an accident, a helmet may show physical signs of tear and thus needs a replacement.

Interior Comes Off

Regular helmet usage may make the helmet interior starts to peel off or disintegrate. The tiny particles disintegrate and are very hazardous to the user. The fallen parts can enter your ears and cause injury when. If the paddings are beyond replacement, get a new helmet. It’s also a sign your helmet is old.

A key takeaway is using motorcycle helmets is never to wear used helmets. Also, do not buy second-hand helmets. Though cheap and looks fine on the surface, helmets may have hidden cracks that go undetected. Consider the age and usage of your helmet when deciding to buy a new one.

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