How long do motorcycle brake pads last?

Motorcycle brake pads play a crucial role in ensuring the rider’s safety on the road as they help to slow down or stop the bike. The brake pads degrade over time due to wear and tear. You may be wondering, how long do motorcycle brake pads last?

There is no definite period or the number of miles that determine how long your brakes will last. However, most riders say their brakes can last approximately 15,000 – 30,000 miles. When you feel the brakes are not responding as firmly and quickly as they used to, you probably need to change the pads. The time it takes to change the brake pads may vary from time to time. This variation is caused by several factors, which include:

•   Quality of the brake pads

Brake pads made with high-quality material will more likely last longer than those made with low-quality material.

• Frequency of braking

If you ride your bike in a busy town with traffic, you are likely to use the brakes more than when riding on a free highway. Frequent braking will wear down the brake pads faster.

• Your riding style

Are you the kind that rides at very high speeds and brakes instantly to stop the bike, or are you the kind that decelerates the motorcycle over some distance? Well, if you are the former, your brakes will wear fast because of high friction and heat, unlike the latter, where there is less friction applied on the brakes.

• Motorcycle weight and load

The heavier your bike is, the faster the brakes will give in. If you often carry a heavy load on your motorcycle, your breaks may not last long compared to when you don’t take a light load.

While other factors may affect the durability of your brake pads, the above elements are the main ones.


There is no definite figure that determines how long your brake pads will last. Ensure you visit your service center or mechanic for regular and scheduled maintenance. Additionally, ensure you buy new and high-quality brakes from a reliable vendor.

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