How Hard is it to Ride a Motorcycle for Beginners?

Human beings can quickly adapt to change, overcome challenges, and learn new things to improve their quality of life. Riding a motorcycle is certainly a new skill that is not as difficult to acquire as people may think. If you are a beginner wondering how hard is it to ride a motorcycle, here are the best riding tricks, trips, and techniques.

1. Learning the Key Controls

Familiarizing yourself with the motorcycle key controls is the basic instruction for new riders since they are universal for all motorbikes. Learning the position and the function of each control, including the throttle, rear brake lever, clutch lever, shift lever, dash, mirrors, speedometer, and turn signals, is fundamental to your riding lessons.

2. Learning How to Start the Bike

Once you are familiar with motorcycle controls, the next step is learning how to start the bike. The primary thing here is to consume how to switch the key on and off. Learning the neutral gear position and how to pull the Clutch until the green light shows up on the dash is the next step to learn riding a motorbike. However, one of the things you should always avoid is to start the bike in gear.

3. Practicing with the Clutch

The purpose of this session is to help you understand how to operate the Clutch. At this point, you should learn to change gears and friction zone. Notably, there is no right or wrong friction zone as long as the Clutch is working correctly, which means each rider has a unique way of adjusting the friction zone. Play around with the Clutch until you get familiar with the position of each of the five gears.

4. Learning How to Turn Right and Left

This exercise might seem too easy or even unnecessary, but it helps you immensely. The truth is that, when riding a motorcycle, turning left is often easier than turning right since a majority of the people are right-handed. Choosing an empty parking lot with painted lines will help in guiding you. Turning right and left severally will also help you to improve your balance.

A Few Essential Tips

A few minor but critical activities can ease your entire learning, or noncompliance to those can result in fatal accidents. Here we represent some tips about that.

  • Take assistance from an expert to check whether the bike and its part are in good condition to ride.
  • Stay in your comfort zone in every aspect – from sitting position and route.
  • Chose open, wide, and crowd-less spots to test drive.
  • Know the weather forecast and choose the calmest condition.
  • Avoid uneven and curvy roads and surfaces.
  • Don’t roll to music.
  • Never forget to wear necessary safety gear, e.g., helmet, gloves.

Concluding Remarks

Nothing is impossible except the creation of life, where learning to ride a bike is so trivial. Yes, it may take some time to be well-familiar with the riding components of a motorbike. The most critical part is maneuver and balance. Once one adopts these two well, the big barrier is gone. Although this may cost him one or two mild accidents, the bike will be in his control very soon.

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