How Does Lowering a Motorcycle Affect the Handling?

It is not surprising that most sport-bike riders prefer their motorcycles to be lower and more aerodynamic than other bikes. The distribution of weight to the wheels determines how you handle your motorcycle.

The following are five ways on how does lowering a motorcycle affect the handling-

1. Body Stretch

This makes it more challenging to handle as riding gets harder on your back and arms. Also, there are chances of fatigue if you have not done extra padding or a change in driving style. An average-sized person sitting on an unnaturally low bike would almost be dragging their feet to the ground when trying to stop.

2. Steering Angle Changes

Altering with your motorcycle suspension affects how well it handles turns. When the angle at which you are sitting is adjusted, steering becomes a lot more complicated. This may result in you losing control of your bike.

3. Ground Clearance

If your shocks already had trouble scraping the road before, they will squeeze now. You can avoid this by lowering the suspension gently or just increasing the ground clearance of your motorcycle through a simple modification such as springs.

4. Change in Direction

When starting on a journey, sheer force is deficient due to a lack of acceleration. When the direction of the motorcycle is changed, there is almost no sheer force. When riding at high speed, this can be very dangerous as the mentioned problems occur. Your body has to keep up with the changes in direction.

5. The Center Of Gravity

Your bike’s center of gravity moves forward when you lower your bike. This makes steering more difficult and increases slippage during turns. You should reduce your bike only if it feels uncomfortable to ride. Any low-profile tires will also affect how smoothly your motorcycle handles.

Final Thoughts

You should lower your bike only if it is comfortable to ride. If you alter the suspension, ensure that it is still working fine and has not been affected by any of the above problems.

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