How Does A Clutch Work On A Motorcycle

The role of the clutch in a motorcycle is to connect and disconnect its engine and transmission parts. A poorly working clutch can be very dangerous. It will not allow your bike to accelerate smoothly.

Here are four tips on how a clutch works on a motorbike-

Press the Throttle Lever ForwardThis is for the fuel injection system to feed petrol into the engine cylinder. Release the clutch lever, which is located behind the left foot, and press down on its shoe. This will cause the engine to start spinning, creating a mechanical connection between transmission gear parts.

Brake the Motorcycle

To brake the motorcycle, press the clutch lever with your left foot while keeping the bike in first gear. At the same time, push the throttle lever forward with your right hand. This increases engine revolutions and the power output of the motorcycle. This is important especially when climbing steep slopes or going uphill and accelerating onto the main road.

Descending Hills or Riding through Bumpy Surfaces

Hold back the bike by keeping your right hand on the brake lever. Simultaneously press down on the clutch lever with the left foot. This prevents you from losing control of your motorcycle. It will help you slip forward and have a smooth ride under such conditions.

To Shift Gears

If you wish to shift gears, release the clutch lever with your left foot, so there is no connection between engine and transmission parts. Move the throttle backward slowly, then turn gear into a neutral position located behind the shifter. Press on the clutch lever while pushing up slightly on throttle and shifter at the same time. This will allow you to shift gears safely.

To Stop the Bike

Release clutch lever with the left foot so that there is no connection between engine and transmission parts. Press down on the brake lever with a right hand, followed by downshifting into neutral gear located behind the shifter. By moving the shifter into a neutral position, you can change the speed. Press down on the brake lever to bring the bike to a total halt when required. A motorcycle clutch deals with the rapid starting and stopping of the engine.

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