The Honda Rebel 250 bike is one of the best motorcycles you can purchase if you search for a very reliable, fuel-efficient cruiser-style motorcycle. In this Honda Rebel 250 review, I will go over several of the cool features and qualities of the bike that the Honda Rebel 250 has. For example, the sharp Honda Rebel 250 is directly powered by a 234cc, V-Twin, air-cooled engine that truly has shown itself to be very reliable for years upon years.

The team of talented engineers at the Honda plant has created this classic bike into being bullet-proof, to be quite honest. The small type of engine of the motorcycle assists in keeping the overall weight of the Honda Rebel 250 very low. When filled up with gasoline and oil, this Honda Rebel 250 weighs only around 329 pounds. Of course, the actual weight of the motorcycle itself is only one of the reasons that allow the bike to be such a powerhouse of a motorcycle in the 250 class. The Honda Rebel is extremely quick off the line; however, it still holds power enough to cruise at 60-70 mph if it has to. When traveling on this Honda, if you decide to journey up steep hills with it, you may notice that you will need to downshift to keep this Rebel 250 cruising along at a reasonable speed.


The Rebel 250 is a classic motorcycle perfect for short riders. When you combine the bike’s low weight of 329 pounds with its low seat height of 27 inches, you end up getting a nice motorcycle that is easy to move around at low-end speeds. Many individuals will be able to flat-foot on this bike, which helps quite a lot with balance when you are trying to part or back up.

All in all, the Honda Rebel 250 motorcycle is very lovely and one of the most sought-after bikes for its wide power band and very ease of use. It is also a great beginner bike for many of the new riders in the world.

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