When it comes to compact motorcycles, the Honda CB300R is no exception. This is a classic motorcycle that is, in fact, very compact when you look at it. That being said, this bike has a very powerful presence and the ‘Big bike’ feel to it. The Honda CB300R has massive front forks, classic circle headlights, and a gorgeously designed tank that stands out. The very prominent tank shrouds genuinely give it an ‘old school’ type of look to it.

Product Features

Time to start it up! When you begin to start this motorcycle machine, you should immediately hear and feel the similarity. This is, of course, if you have ever ridden a Honda CB300R before. Once started, you would be greeted by a louder exhaust and powerful engine that enjoys being revved up to ride.

All the fun stuff happens after the 5 k RPM mark while going past the 100 marks in around 7 seconds flat. Let’s not forget that this Honda will do a 120 cruise very easily around the 7 k RPM area, and the top speed is in excess of 150. Another great thing about the Honda CB300R is that this bike returned a very impressive mileage of close to 30 very consistently, truly making it one of the more efficient bikes available. Equipped with a superb weight of only 147 kg, this Honda CB500R is nothing less than a joy to ride around on. The brakes are backed up by a 300 mm petal disc with a radially mounted 4 pot Nissin caliper, and the built quality across the bike is excellent.


So, what can we expect to pay for such a cool ride and is it worth the money? Well, if you are looking to buy the 2020 Honda CB300R, you will expect to pay anywhere from $4,949 and up. This is $300 more than the 2019 motorcycle model of the Honda CB300R. However, what you can realize is that when it comes to focusing on comfort, efficiency, and ease of use, the Honda CB300R gets a thumb up for all of the above!

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