A Review of the Harley Sportster 883

If you are passionate about owning a motorcycle from the Harley-Davidson brand, but the higher specification motorbikes of the brand are too expensive for you, Harley Sportster 883 is for you. Continue reading this article to learn more about the motorcycle from the Harley-Davidson brand.


This motorbike has sufficient power to move it around the city’s streets even though it has a small engine capacity of 883cc. The engine in this bike is the Four-stroke, V-Twin, 2v engine. The motorcycle’s fuel tank can accommodate a maximum of 12.5 liters of fuel.

Travel distance

The design of this machine suits covering shorter distances. However, this does not mean that it cannot travel for longer journeys. This means that the motorbike’s top performance is when it covers short distances. This bike can travel at a maximum speed of 103mph.

External physical appearance

This motorcycle has an attractive physical appearance due to the alarm system’s perfect finishes and sound design. The machine weighs approximately 255kgs which makes it ideal for short-distance travel. The seat height is around 760mm. The bike has a tubular steel cradle type of frame. It also has a telescopic fork front suspension, while its back suspension consists of a twin shock which is non-flexible.

Braking system and sounding

Both the front and the back braking systems consist of dual-piston single discs. Just like other Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the Sportster 883 has great sounding when the engine is switched on.

Accessibility and selling price

The bike faces tough competition from other motorcycle brands. It is easy to access, which makes it stand out. It is also affordable and considered as among the best cruisers with a selling price of below $10,000.

Final remarks

Frankly, if you are a beginner motorcyclist, this motorcycle is not the best for you. However, it should be your perfect choice for a beginner if you are so passionate about having a bike from the Harley-Davidson brand. 

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