Bad Harley Fuel Filter Symptoms – Time to Replace

The fuel filter is a critical component in the overall operation of your Harley. It removes particles and impurities from the gas getting into your engine, thus allowing better combustion and less risk of damage to your engine. The Harley Fuel Filter can be changed out every other oil change or when the engine begins to run rougher than average.

The following is a list of symptoms of Harley fuel filter failure;

1.Poor Engine performance

When the Harley fuel filter is clogged, it will restrict fuel flow to the engine and decrease its combustion, causing poor performance.

2.Engine “knocking” or pinging;

When the engine fuel filter is obstructed, the air inside the cylinder will not properly mix with the fuel, creating incomplete combustion. This will cause knocking on your engine.

3.Your bike’s handles shaking when riding on rough roads

This happens when the flow of Harley fuel gets restricted by a clogged fuel filter. This also leaves thick deposits inside intake valves leading to shaking when the rider accelerates, especially on a bumpy road.

6.Poor starting

This happens when the thick deposits in intake valves block airflow on top of pistons, thus not letting the engine compress enough air and fuel mixture to start combustion. 

7. Poor idle

This occurs when your underpowered bike cannot provide the appropriate amount of air for sufficient combustion. It gives you a very irregular cycle idle while sitting on its stand without a rider down the road. The sound produced can be accompanied by a lot of smoke exiting from its exhaust pipes.


All these symptoms can warn you early enough to change your Harley fuel filter before it gets damaged. Your bike’s engine parts will not last as long as they should with a dirty, clogged fuel filter. Remember, changing one is cheap compared to fixing something damaged because of it!

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