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Fox Racing is a top brand that produces extreme sports, protective equipment and lifestyle clothing. Their chest protectors are tremendously popular among MX riders for high impact resistance and safety mechanism at an accident. They are comfortable and come with adjustable straps for a customized fit. All of these protective gear have great airflow and can fit all sizes. You can find some excellent deals from Fox online. To help you additionally, here we’ve listed some of the best Fox chest protectors.

Bestseller No. 1
Fox Racing Raceframe Roost, MotocroShort Sleeve MX Bike Chest Protective Gear
  • RACEFRAME ROOST: The all-new Raceframe Roost Guard is a versatile solution for chest and back roost protection. Its articulated design wraps the body for unparalleled protection, flexibility, and comfort.
  • LOW PROFILE: The straps are adjustable to fit all body types, and the low-profile design can be worn over or under the jersey.
  • BREATHABLE: Articulated design hugs the body and is highly vented for maximum comfort
  • ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable shoulder straps and waistband with fast-action concealed buckles for secure and easy fit adjustments
  • FOX RACING: Fox has maintained its position as the innovation leader in the MX industry by designing and producing motocross gear and apparel for the worlds best riders
Bestseller No. 2
Fox Racing Mens R3 Motocross Roost Deflector,Black,S/M
  • R3: The R3 roost deflector delivers ample coverage while maintaining a high level of ventilation. The updated chassis improves comfort and fit.
  • LOW PROFILE: The R3 chest guard features a low-profile race-form fit, integrated buckle system, and stylish design which works seamlessly with a wide variety of neck braces.
  • BREATHABLE: The ventilated main body shell provides plenty of airflow while blocking roost and debris
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: The R3 features an elastic slide-buckle waist closure that keeps the guard tight to the body and adjustable shoulder and waist straps that allow for customized fitment
  • FOX RACING: Fox has maintained its position as the innovation leader in the MX industry by designing and producing motocross gear and apparel for the worlds best riders
Bestseller No. 3
Fox Racing Unisex-Child R3 Motocross ROOSTGUARD,Black,One Size
  • Ventilated main body shell provides airflow while blocking roost and debris
  • Adjustable shoulder and waist straps allow for customized fitment
  • Elastic slide-buckle waist closure keeps guard tight to the body
  • Low-profile shoulder cups
  • Designed to fit a wide variety of neck braces
Bestseller No. 4
Fox Racing Unisex-Child Raptor PROFRAME LC Motocross Chest Protector, CE CERT,Black/White,One Size
  • Full wrap body coverage via plastic side panels
  • Adjustable shoulders are designed to fit a wide variety of neck braces
  • Mid-profile design fits great under or over a jersey
  • Integrated buckles provide quick adjustment and removal
  • Double layer bio-foam system for comfort
Bestseller No. 5
Fox Racing Womens R3 Motocross Chest Guard,Black/Pink,S/M
  • Polycarbonate chest, back & shoulder construction
  • Low profile shoulder cups
  • Fully adjustable & removable padded arm guards
  • Adjustable shoulder connections for custom fit
  • Women’s specific anatomical fit chest plate
Bestseller No. 6
Fox Racing Mens Raptor Vest, CE CERT,Black/White,L/XL
  • Full body coverage via plastic side wrap panels
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder and bicep coverage
  • Designed to fit a wide variety of neck braces
  • Integrated buckle system
  • CE EN 1621-2 LEVEL 2 back coverage
Bestseller No. 7
Fox Racing Unisex-Child RACEFRAME Roost,Black,One Size
  • Low profile, articulated design built for the Rider Attack Position (RAP)
  • Articulated design hugs the body and is highly vented for maximum comfort
  • Low profile bonded construction allows for versatile use under or over the jersey
  • Adjustable waistband with fast-action concealed buckles for secure and easy fit adjustments
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and removable back plate allow for customization
Bestseller No. 8
Fox Racing Mens Race SUBFRAME,Black,L/XL
  • Plastic back and chest plate
  • Designed to be worn underneath the jersey
  • Strategically placed vents for maximum cooling
  • Waist straps are easily adjusted for custom fit
  • Compatible with vehicle type: motorcycle
Bestseller No. 9
Alpinestars Unisex-Adult Bionic Action Chest Protector-Black/Red (Medium)/XL (Multi, One Size)
  • Extended padding to offer more protection against tire roost without obstructing arm movement
  • The protectors are perforated for maximum breathability and cooling ventilation
  • Elastic closure system features newly designed, quick and easy-to-use buckles that fit a broad range of rider body sizes
  • Padded chassis for optimized levels of comfort and a close-to-body fit; Adjustable shoulder straps for an optimal fit
  • Bionic Neck Support compatibility with the BNS A-Strap available as an optional extra
Bestseller No. 10
Alpinestars Sequence Motorcycle Chest Protector, Black/White/Red, Medium/Large
  • Soft shells are constructed from a high performance lightweight thermoformed material blend that is soft and flexible yet offers the same level of protection as a hard-shell protector.
  • Shells feature perforation zones and air channeling for excellent breathability and ventilation.
  • Thermoformed Textiles used for the construction are highly abrasion resistant and will not easily get scratched.
  • Constructed with a soft 3d mesh on the body side of the protector that offers extra comfort and breathability.
  • Removable back puck for BNS compatibility.

Does Fox Racing Produce Chest Guard for All riders?

If you’re in the market for a new chest guard, consider one from the Fox Racing, as it produces chest protectors for every class of people – men, women and youth. Impressively, most of their guards are versatile, lightweight, slim fit, articulated molded design, and CE-certified. Their low-profile structure and adjustable straps allow these to be worn over a jersey or over tighter-fitting shorts. Naturally, they are super popular and massively sold protectors among the available top brands.

Why Chest Guard and Why Should It Be from Fox?

A chest guard is an essential piece of safety equipment for cyclists. These protective garments are designed to fit snugly over the body. They feature easy strap and buckle systems and are designed to allow better airflow. Whether you ride a mountain bike or ride a road bike, a chest guard is essential. If you’re wondering why you should use a chest guard, keep reading to learn more.

The most basic type of chest protector is the roost guard. This piece of plastic protects the shoulders and bicep/arm from rocks, debris, and dirt. A more complex type of chest guard is called the Rider Attack Position (TAP). Regardless of the type of riding you do, there is a chest guard for you. It will protect your child from any injuries that occur during the race.

But for maximum safety (especially for professional riders), top-level chest guard is highly essential. That is the point where Fox Racing steps into! Most of the chests manufactured by Fox Racing have highest safety mechanisms and certifications. For example, the Raceframe Impact Soft Back Guard. It’s low-profile, articulated, and is constructed with D3O armor for impact resistance. The TABP(r) system allows for quick and easy adjustment. The TAPB (Ride Attack Position) is the most popular design in the Fox chest protector line, as it promotes a race focused stance.

Common Features of Fox Chest Protectors

A Fox Racing chest protectors is the perfect choice for a rider who likes to wear a lightweight, breathable, and super protective gear. Fox chest guards have an articulated structure that hugs your body and allows superior air flow. The sternum protectors are removable, so you can change them easily. The front and back pieces are also adjustable and are made of lightweight, breathable material. Most of them, eg., Raceframe Impact, also provides impact CE protection and a low profile design.

Vests like Raptor ™ vest are full closure chest protector that provides extended lower back and shoulder protection. These products feature exceptional venting, pro-level impact resistance, and complete closure protection. They also deliver confidence in a crash and can be easily removed to allow for neck brace use. Although Raptor ™ type is the top-end model in the range from Fox, it’s worth checking out before deciding on a purchase.

As far as chest protectors go, Fox offers three basic models. The R3 deflector is an entry-level roost guard and stone guard. Its simple design keeps cost and complexity down. However, it’s highly capable and includes a removable CE-certified pad. It also has plenty of flex panels and can be easily adapted to fit a neck brace. The R3 also includes a CE-certified neck brace.

Fox Racing – A History to Remember!

The History of Fox Racing Company began when Geoff and Bob (Ted)Fox decided to start a business selling European motocross bikes. After learning about high-performance engine and suspension components, they started a racing team and made themselves known to the public by wearing brightly colored apparel. The success of the team led to a wider distribution in the U.S. and Canada. The company later started making BMX gear and sold its products in New Zealand.

The original goal of the business was to sell racing motorcycles. It began as a mail order business, but quickly grew. As the company’s sales grew, so did its logo. The Moto-X Fox symbol appeared in the early seventies. Geoff Dawson did not intend to purchase the logo, but he was convinced by an advertising agency. Nevertheless, Geoff and his team quickly became successful and gained popularity throughout the industry.

The company began as a small, privately owned motocross component distributor. By the late seventies, it had expanded into other sporting events and added motorcycle helmets. The company began as Moto-X in the early 1970s. At the time, the brand was a little unknown, but the Fox family grew close to one another and the two men merged their businesses. In 1976, they started a motocross parts and service business that sold a wide range of motorcycles. In 1979, the company expanded into the Indy car market and expanded into quads, snowmobiles, and off-road trucks. In the eighties, Fox became one of the most popular brands in extreme sports (primarily motocross and mountainbiking), protective equipment and lifestyle clothing brand.

In 2005, Fox changed its name to Fox Head, Inc., and its products are now sold in more than 50 countries. In December 2015, the company acquired the assets of Marzocchi mountain bike brand. The company has cultivated an iconic image by using the best MX riders to advertise its products, including Rick Johnsson, James Stewart, and Mark Barnett. Today, Fox Racing is one of the world’s largest selling motocross gear companies.

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