Does Wyoming Have a Motorcycle Helmet Law?

Does Wyoming have a motorcycle helmet law? There are many reasons why you should wear one. In addition to reducing the risk of serious injury from a crash, helmets also reduce the amount of noise your motorcycle makes. The question is: Does Wyoming require motorcycle helmets? Read on to learn more. There are two types of motorcycle helmet laws in Wyoming: one that requires all riders to wear a helmet and one that does not.


No motorcycle helmet law in Wyoming? That’s right, the state doesn’t require helmets for riders under the age of 18. There is no universal law, however, which means an operator can get a traffic ticket for not wearing a helmet for their minor passenger. In addition to being unsafe, riders who don’t wear a helmet are risking the lives of themselves and others on the road. Learn more about Wyoming’s helmet law below.

No law

No motorcycle helmet law in Wyoming applies to riders who are under 18 years old. Wyoming motorcycle helmet usage laws require that riders and passengers wear approved helmets. The helmet must fit securely on the rider’s head and meet certain requirements set by the Department of Transportation. Riders who fail to wear a helmet may be cited for a traffic violation. In addition, underage riders may be charged with a traffic violation if they are not wearing a helmet.

Partial law

The Partial Motorcycle Helmet Law in Wyoming requires that all riders under the age of 18 wear a motorcycle helmet, but does not require that all other riders wear one. Motorcycle helmets are important safety equipment that can prevent serious head injuries. It is also important to wear other protective gear like gloves, eye protection, and a helmet as well. Some neighboring states have universal helmet laws that require all riders to wear one, which can help protect against serious head injuries.

Snell-approved helmets only

Did you know that under 18-year-olds must wear a motorcycle helmet? That’s right, Wyoming has a motorcycle helmet law. However, this law only applies to public roads, and it makes some exceptions. If the motorcycle is on private property, a minor is exempt from the law. Another exception: if the motorcycle is taking part in a motorcycle parade. If you’re unsure of the Wyoming motorcycle helmet law, you can consult Jerry’s super car insurance comparison app, Jerry.

No law for riders in sidecars

While most states require motorcycle operators and passengers to wear helmets, Wyoming has no such law. However, riders under 18 and those with learner’s permits are required to wear a helmet while on a motorcycle. Massachusetts and Maryland also require motorcycle passengers to wear helmets. However, these laws don’t apply to riders in sidecars. Wyoming has a few exceptions to its helmet and eye protection laws.

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