Does Vroom Buy Motorcycles?

Whether you’re considering a new bike or simply looking to sell your old one, there are several options available. One such option is Vroom. This smaller outlet may be less expensive than other similar companies, but still offers a variety of benefits, including a history report, delivery, and a seven-day return window. But what makes Vroom different is its customer service. Unlike many other online retailers, Vroom offers an actual person to talk to about your needs.

Vroom is a smaller outlet

If you’re interested in purchasing a new bike, but don’t have the time to shop around, you can buy a new motorcycle from Vroom. The smaller outlet offers several advantages, including delivery to your home and free pick-up. They have a seven-day, 250-mile return window and offer free pickup within that time frame. You’ll also receive a warranty on your purchase, and you can register it online for a year with no service call max.

It doesn’t buy motorcycles

When you go to purchase a motorbike through Vroom, you may be tempted to sign up for an add-on that will help you pay for the motorcycle’s registration, plates and title. But consumers are frustrated with Vroom’s long delays. One consumer reported waiting more than an hour to receive his or her paperwork despite having asked the company multiple times. Then, the Vroom representative would give him or her a fake tracking number that doesn’t exist on the FedEx website. In addition to delays, the Vroom website does not give clear title and often resells motorbikes with lien-free titles.

It offers a history report

Many consumers are looking for a new motorcycle but don’t know where to start. Vroom’s unique history report can help you make an informed decision about the right motorcycle for you. Unlike other motorcycle dealerships, Vroom allows you to view the history of the motorcycle you’re considering. It also lets you see if there are any safety recalls on the motorcycle. Additionally, the website allows you to search for previous owners. The history report is a valuable tool for buyers as it can help them avoid getting into a bad deal.

It offers delivery

Vroom has delivered over 1,000 motorcycles to customers in the Seattle area. The company was started by two Seattle-area women who met while practicing Parkour. Parkour is a style of movement that teaches athletes to maneuver through an environment without crashing. While this method of delivery is convenient, it is not cheap. A standard overnight delivery to Seattle can cost upwards of $30. And even with expedited delivery, there is still a delivery charge.

It offers roadside assistance

You can save money on motorcycle rentals by buying your used bike from Vroom. The online auction website offers roadside assistance when buying motorcycles. It is free to list your bike on Vroom, and it will be picked up from a local location on the same day you request it. You can also purchase roadside assistance for your bike, so you can get it whenever you need it. You can apply to Vroom online.

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