Do Motorcycle License Plates Have to Be Illuminated?

Some states do not allow under-glow or decorative lighting on motorcycles. Learn about the laws in your state and find out what type of license plate lights are allowed. This article also covers which states don’t allow decorative lighting, how to get the right type of lights for your motorcycle, and what to look for when buying a new or used motorcycle. After reading this article, you’ll be well-equipped to purchase and install a motorcycle license plate light.

Decorative lighting is not legal in some states

While there is no specific law that prohibits the use of decorative lighting on motorcycle license plates, some states do have strict regulations on the use of such lights. In Kentucky, for example, lights other than blue and white are illegal. Likewise, in Mississippi, flashing, rotating, or blue lights are prohibited. While red and green lights are allowed, flashing or red lights are not allowed. In Minnesota, there are also strict rules relating to the use of red and white lights.

In addition to these regulations, some states have different rules regarding the use of flashing lights. In North Carolina, for example, you can’t use blue lights. In Oklahoma, however, the law is more specific. In Ohio, however, there is no such rule. Decorative lighting on motorcycle license plates is legal as long as it doesn’t obstruct other drivers’ vision. In North Dakota, LED lights are permitted.

Laws prohibiting under-glow lighting on motorcycles

In Maryland, under-glow lighting on a motorcycle is legal. The state allows auxiliary lighting for safety purposes, but the law doesn’t specify the color. However, it does allow light-emitting diode strips and pods. The light used on the motorcycle’s license plate can be amber, white, or red. The state’s law prohibits the use of flashing lights or blue lights on the motorcycle.

Under-glow lights are legal in many states, but not in all. In Connecticut, for instance, it’s illegal to install aftermarket lighting unless the state prohibits it. In Florida, however, under-glow lighting is allowed if the state’s law doesn’t prohibit its use. You should avoid using red and green lights because they are used by emergency vehicles and can confuse other drivers.

Types of license plate lights

There are two main types of motorcycle license plate lights: frame-mounted and LED-enabled. Frame-mounted lights are easier to install because they fit around the license plate and incorporate a brake light into the surround. However, they do not always fit the license plate or the bike mounting parts. This is because the license plate does not necessarily fit the “standard” motorcycle license plate size. These lights can be either a separate accessory or an add-on.

Unlike the previous type, LED brake lights clamp onto the license plate. These lights are mounted to the license plate bracket with screws, washers, and nuts. The LED brake light in the light bar is powered by a red wire connected to the motorcycle’s brake lights. The switch turns on when the bike is turned on. It is important to use a thread locker that is blue to prevent corrosion. This way, it won’t come loose or break when the motorcycle is parked.

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