CBR 500r Reviews

I consider this bike as a perfect commuting option. It is economical, low cost and fuel-efficient but not slow! If you are looking at a style statement, then this one is undoubtedly for you.

It will add to your overall personality with its beautiful design and stylish headlamp. 

Things you’ll like the most about CBR 500r-

The engine

The biggest plus point of CBR 500r over its competitors is its brand new 471cc single cylinder 16 valve liquid-cooled engine which delivers 44 Brake horsepower and 43 Nm of torque.

Let me remind you that all Honda products are first tuned in Japan and then exported as Completely Built Unit (CBU) to our country. There are no hiccups or vibrations even when revving at high speeds in any gear.

The engine is also backed by Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), which enables precise control of the fuel and air mixture, thereby enabling a good throttle response. It has a single overhead cam (SOHC) that operates 4 valves per cylinder with a shim-under bucket design for smooth valve operation.


Another strength of CR500R is its 5 speed transmission which makes it easy to ride in traffic and gives it a more driving pleasure when you want to enjoy open road rides.

The gear shifts are smooth & positive whether you shift from 1st to 2nd or 5th to 6th gear. Clutch operation is nice & light, too, making it easier to ride in bumper-to-bumper traffic conditions.

Chassis & Frame

The strong steel frame of this lightweight motorcycle ensures excellent handling even during high-speed cornering, thanks to its low center of gravity and good ground clearance.

It comes equipped with powerful dual 320mm Petal Disc Brakes in the front with a single 240mm rear disc brake. The bike has got twin shock absorbers on both ends for better riding comfort and high ground clearance.

The storage options

The CBR500R provides two separate compartments to store your belongings & accessories.

As I mentioned before, the bike looks very sleek from every angle. The front headlamp is a true example of Honda’s design brilliance, and the tail lamp adds to your overall personality with its beautiful design and stylish headlamp.

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