Is Patching Of a Motorcycle Tire Good?

Motorcyclists and other parties of interest claim that they have not yet found a definite answer to this question. Let’s say that you have been a motorcyclist for the last five years and most likely are aware of the risks associated with patching. Still, can you patch a motorcycle tire even if you are perfectly aware of the associated risks? Have a look at the following before patching your motorbike’s tire.

Motorcycle Tire Patching should be Temporary and Not Permanent

A significant number of motorcyclists claim that patching a motorcycle tire is a dangerous practice. Contrary, other riders suggest that there are phenomenons that force riders to perform tire patching. In this case, who is right and who is not correct? The truth is that sometimes tire patching is inevitable. However, as a rider, you have to ensure that it only serves you as a short-term solution.

Access The Location of the Hole on the Tire

Take some time to access the part of the tire which has been affected. By doing so, you will identify where you need to perform the patching. However, if the hole is on the side of the tire, you should not even attempt to patch the tire. This is because the tire’s side is unstable compared to other parts of the tire due to a thin rubber. The pressure at that point will not be sustainable.

Which Tire Can you Patch?

Under no circumstance are you supposed to patch the front tire. This does not mean that you can patch the rear tire. No. it is advisable not to patch any tire but instead call for help from a recovery team. However, if you are confident about your patching skills, patch only the rear tire as it has fewer risks of more damage than the front tire.


Patching the tire of a motorcycle is not recommended since it puts you at more risk of damage or even death. So, if you are in the middle of nowhere and find out that your motorcycle’s tire has a hole, make a call to a recovery team a d ask for help.

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