Can car oil be used in a motorcycle?

At some point, you might be curious to know whether you can use car oil in your motorcycle. This issue can be for knowledge purposes, or else you are in a position where the only oil available to you at the moment is the car oil. There is also a chance that you might have accidentally poured car oil into your motorcycle, and you are worried whether it will work or it will bring far-fetched damages to your bike. Keep reading this since we will discuss in detail the two oils and finally answer the question, can i use car oil in a motorcycle ?

Differences and similarities between car oil and motorcycle oil-

The primary function of these oils is to lubricate the working components of your machine and act as coolants to the parts where heat is generated. However, there are differences between the two oils. The main difference is; car oil is used in the engine only, whereas, in a motorcycle, it is used in both the engine and the transmission since they are an integral part. 

 From the functionality, major specifications are discussed as below;

 • Lubrication. The primary function of the oils is to lubricate the respective systems. Whereas the motorcycle lubricates both the engine and the transmission, the car oil used in the machine is different from that used in the transmission system.

 • Viscosity. The most parameter to consider in oil is its ability to flow. There are different grades of oils based on viscosity. The viscosity of motorcycle oil is more significant than car oil because of the transmission performance.

 • Cooling. Despite lubrication, the motorcycle oil is expected to take away more heat from the engine than car oil is expected. With a well-established cooling system in a car, car oil is not expected to do much cooling.

 • Friction level. The motorcycle oil has a higher friction level than car oil. This property is so because, in a motorcycle, oil is expected to balance the wet clutch performance and fuel efficiency. In a car, oil has low friction because it is meant to provide maximum fuel efficiency and mileage.

 Can i use car oil in a motorcycle ?

From the specifications discussed above, it is possible to use car oil in a motorcycle if in an emergency, but you should not prolong this use. For short-range use, it can function well, but otherwise, you will be inviting problems to your motorcycle. The main reason is the transmission system lubrication requirements required in motorcycle oil. The use of car oil will lead to a lack of enough lubrication and frictional properties to your motorcycle transmission, which will eventually lead to low performance.

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