Burly Slammer Shocks Review

For any rider who loves slammed style, Burly slammer shocks are probable what one needs. The set offers not only comfort to the rider but also ensures confidence when riding. With a measurement of 10.5 eye to eye and a preloaded adjustment, your height never matters when it comes to comfort. To understand more about this beautiful slammer shock, check this honest Burly slammer shocks review for more.

Burly slammer shocks compatibility with various models

BURLY B28-1201B Black 10.5' Slammer Shock

When it comes to buying slammer shocks, it’s important to consider compatibility. Besides, you would not want to spend money on a unit that will not fit your favorite bike. The set of slammers are compatible with various bike models to make sure you get the best experience. The height drops just a bit with just a ½ difference. The shock slammers are compatible with Harley Sportster (2004-2018 models). One can also install the sets on the 2008 FXDC super glide and work well. If you are on a budget, this is a perfect set to install on your bike.

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Features of Burly Slammer shocks

Pre-load and adjustable to fit your height

The sets are a great fitment as they lower the bike easily. Many are happy with them since they add a bonus to the feet as one can easily touch the ground while on the bike. You can also maneuver the bike around easier than when compared to most models. The set incorporates an adjustable height where one sets them depending on their height. With the slammer shocks, you can get confidence as you can easily back up your bike. With the set, you get a good feel, comfort, and stance.

Easier installation

The set is super easier when it comes to installation. It incorporates detailed instructions and stickers. Provided you have the required tools, installation is super easy. Many are happy that they need not spend on getting a professional to install the sets.   

Extra cushion for comfort

Reviewers did not complain of the extra cushion. The slammer shock makes sure you are comfortable as you travel compared to most lowered models. With multiple settings, you are sure not to sit on the wheel for that extra comfort throughout the journey.

Flat wire spring

The model incorporates a flat wire spring joined by a sturdy mainspring. It is built around a damper charged by a high-pressure gas. The set is ready to bolt and offers a radical look to your ride.

Summing up

Burly slammer shock enhances your bike’s overall appearance. They come in a black or chrome finish to add style and glamor to the bike. Choose the finish depending on your taste. Whether black or chrome, your bike will look awesome.

There you have it! You may never find such quality shocks elsewhere. Considering the performance, comfort, and ease of riding, this is the set you have been looking for. Buy Burly slammer shocks, and you will get a taste and feel of the quality and super feel while on the road.

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