Best True Dual, Power Dual & Dresser Dual Exhausts for Harley

Sound is a key factor in a motor’s appearance. Most of us can identify a Harley Davidson by the sound it generates. The exhaust system plays behind the pleasing sound while delivering the engine’s potential horsepower to the ground. It enhances torque and driving performance too. A dual exhaust system does the job better than others,  especially if you have a Harley. Here we present you with the best True Dual exhausts for Harley Davidson, along with selected Power Dual and Dresser Duals.

Best True Dual – Vance & Hines True Duals

Best Power Dual – Vance & Hines 16832 or Vance & Hines 46871

Best Dresser Dual – Vance & Hines 16752 or Vance & Hines 16799

Premium Choice – Bassani True-Duals

Best Value for Money – Cobra True Dual

Bestseller No. 1
Vance & Hines Dresser Duals Exhaust Chrome 2009-16 Touring Models
  • Fits 2009-2016 Touring Models
  • Classic True Dual Design
  • Full Coverage Heat Shields
  • Includes Dual Bung Oxygen Sensor Ports(18mm &12mm)
Bestseller No. 2
Vance & Hines Power Duals Exhaust Black 46871
  • The unique look of the contoured heat shields on the Power Duals head pipes elegantly masks the prowess of the Power Chamber crossover that enhances performance over the stock head pipes.
  • Helps Reduce Exhaust Temperatures Up to 250deg. F
  • Full Coverage Heat Shields
  • Includes Dual Bung Oxygen Sensor Ports (18mm &12mm)
  • Trike Adaptor Kit (16784 Chrome or 46784 Black) required for use on Trike models
Bestseller No. 3
Vance & Hines Power Duals Exhaust Chrome 16871
  • More than just individual headpipes, Power Duals integrates an exclusive Vance & Hines Power Chamberhidden behind a contoured heat shield that generates more horsepower and torque than stock. Head pipes only mufflers / slip-ons not included
  • All CVO models require floorboard extension kit PART #1621-0640 (sold separately); see FOOTRESTS section (Image is for reference only)
Bestseller No. 5
Cobra True Dual Head Pipes 6250
  • 1-piece full length, 2.5in. diameter heat shields cover the pipes from the exhaust ports to the chromed, muffler bodies
  • Heat shields are a larger diameter than most other offerings on the market and the 1-piece shields (especially on the rear pipe) are singular in their design and effectiveness
  • Pipes are designed to deliver optimal torque and power while increasing the stock bikes rideability right in the sweet spot of the torque curve
  • Consists of head pipes and heat shields and all of the mounting hardware needed to complete the installation
  • Does not include the muffler
Bestseller No. 6
SLMOTO Electric Center Stand Air Ride Suspension Fit for Harley Touring Street Glide 09-16 Electra Glide Road King Street Glide Ultra Limited
  • Condition: Aftermarket 100% Brand New
  • Center Stand: This item can be bolt on in minutes and use a linear actuator to raise and lower the legs electronically. Two Aluminum legs provide a very sturdy base,and allowing the motorcycle to sit upright while parked.
  • Air Ride Kit: Fully Collapsed approx. 9.64inches(24.5cm); fully extended 14.17inches(36cm). This kit will allow you to lower your bike 2 to 3 inches with all of the air released. The air it up to stock ride height for a smooth ride in a matter of seconds.
  • Note: CAN NOT Fit With The Cross-Under Exhaust Pipes. Before you buy,please check this part to make sure it can fit your motorcycle or not.
  • Package Contents: 1 * Air Ride Suspension w/ Air Tank,1x Electric Center Stand (As shown on the first picture)
Bestseller No. 7
Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 Autotuner Fuel Management: Performance Tuning Software (Fits 4-Pin Harleys) 2007-2013 Touring FLH/FLT, 2007-2011 Dyna FXD, 2007-2010 Softail FXST/FLST, 2007-2013 Sportster XL
  • Fuelpak FP3 uses Flash technology to re-calibrate engine parameters and mapping for exhaust systems and other performance upgrades downloaded from the expansive library of calibrations developed by Vance & Hines
  • With the Fuelpak FP3 module plugged-in, Live Sensor Data can be viewed through the smartphone to display speed, RPM, cylinder head temperature, voltage, gear selection and other vital information
  • Package dimensions: ????5.43 inch L x 4.96 inch W x 1.81 inch H
  • Item model number: ??CLTCH_MS
Bestseller No. 10
36" fishtail Slip On Mufflers for Harley Touring Models 95-16 stock head pipes,Such as Road King, Street Glide, Ultra Limited...
  • AGGRESSIVE EXHAUST NOTE:Bring you back to the old school time.
  • DIFFERENT LENGTH COMPARISON:A visual idea for your reference.Which length is right for your bike.
  • EASY INSTALLATION:Slip-on Mufflers, just need loosen the bolts. Then taking off the old one, and slipping the new one on. Finally, tighten the bolts for the 36'' fishtail slip ons. Done!
  • GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE:Always respond to every client’s question or feed back. Please contact with us whenever you have any questions or problems. Promise to solve it ASAP.

What is a True Dual Exhaust?

A True Dual Exhaust is a system with one exit point for each cylinder of an engine. Each head pipes from each side of the motorcycle’s engine exit to the rear of the bike. It is not just one exhaust pipe with two outlets; instead, the system has one pipe for every cylinder, regardless of whether the engine has two, four, six or eight inline or V-shaped cylinders. It means no gathering of the emitting gases at a single exit point. The dual exhaust system technically allows the engine to breathe better by creating a complete combustion cycle from the engine.

True Dual, Power Dual, Dresser Dual Exhausts – Best for Harley

Different Types of Exhaust

Single Exit Pipe

It’s a system with one head pipe for all engine cylinders, found on many motorbikes across the world. They are less potent than duals or twins and are louder.

Dual Rear Exhaust

A dual rear exit is a system with one head pipe for each cylinder of the engine. It has two exhaust tips coming out on the backside of the motorcycle, on opposite sides.

Opposite Dual Exhaust

It is a system with two side-by-side, left & right headpipes for each cylinder of the engine. It is louder than singles and not as loud as true duals. Its sound quality is different because it has two motorcycle exhaust pipes together in one muffler.

Dual Side Exhaust

A Dual Side-by-side, left & right, is a system with two side by side, left & right headpipes for each engine cylinder. It is louder than the opposite dual but not as loud as true duals. Its sound quality is different because it has two motorcycle exhaust pipes together in one muffler.

Dual Exhaust Price Ranges – (True, Power, Dresser)

The Dresser Dual is the quietest among the three, with the best sound quality at idle because it features two or more mufflers to reduce noise. Costing ranges between $550- $700.

Power Dual Exhausts are louder than stock exhaust systems because they have a smaller volume of packing, no baffles, and less restrictive head pipes. They will probably cost you around $750.

True Dual Exhaust has better noise reduction because it is stock with packing, baffles, and two mufflers. It is louder than power dual exhaust at idle because it has more volume of packing & no sound baffles. True Dual exhausts cost around $400- $500.

For every case, you’ve opportunity to introduce an aftermarket muffler to it for a custom setup and sound in consideration of a standard amount.

Considerations – When Buying a Harley Exhaust

Compatibility: Check if a given Harley Davidson Exhaust is compatible with your bike model. If you choose an exhaust system that does not match your motor, the power and sound will be better than stock, but you will shorten the engine life. You’ll also probably experience extra heat than normal.

Material: Check the construction of the exhaust. A good Harley Motorcycle Exhaust is created from high-quality stainless steel, chrome, and titanium materials. It helps to reduce rust and corrosion.

Sound: Most Harley Davidson Exhausts are loud, but some do not produce as much noise as others – still they are pleasing. You can buy exhausts with or without baffles – it all depends on what you want.

Performance: A good performance exhaust for Harley Davidson has significant and noticeable power and torque gains.

Budget: The best Harley Exhausts are not always the most expensive ones. There are budget-friendly exhausts that have the same features as those that are more expensive.

Accessories: Motorcycle exhaust pipes may not be complete without the accessories that come with them. You need to buy different types of exhaust silencers, tailpipes, and tailpipe clamps.

Dual Exhaust vs. Single Exhaust

A single exhaust pipe is a system with one exit head-pipe for all cylinders of the engine. They are usually lighter than dual exhaust systems. A single exhaust system frees up space under the bike, allowing you to fit it easily.

Dual exhausts are more popular because they increase torque, horsepower & performance. Naturally, they’ll cut you more than single ones. A dual exhaust system offers deeper, richer, and throatier sound at high speeds. If you want to buy an exhaust that increases your bike’s power output, converts its torque into horsepower, and gives it a stunning sound, then you should get a dual or true dual exhaust.

True Dual vs. Power Dual: What’s the Difference?

The True Dual is the quietest among the three because it has two or more mufflers, packing, and sound baffles to reduce noise. It’s the best option for Harley Davidson due to more volume of packing than power duals. True Dual exhaust systems are restrictive to the head-pipe and are not as loud as power duals, so they are good for people who want to ride at low volume yet with better sound quality.

Power Dual is the loudest among them because it has less volume of packing, no sound baffles, and no restriction in its headpipe. A certain number of riders like the Power Duals because they have an open head pipe, free-flow mufflers, and unrestricted flow.

2 into 1 Exhaust vs. Dual Exhaust

2 into 1 exhaust systems have 2 pipes that emit fumes into one muffler, helping to increase a bike’s power, performance, and efficiency, especially in the short term. That’s why they are most common for sport bikes. A 2 into 1 exhaust is lighter than dual exhausts. They are cheaper than their Dual counterparts.

Dual exhausts are the best choice for people who want to buy an expensive, high-performance exhaust. It makes your bike run at its highest performance, giving you more power and torque. A dual exhaust system is most common for touring and larger motorcycles. For instance, all Softail bikes have now Dual exhaust since 2018 with the introduction of Milwaukee 8 engine.

Does True Dual Exhaust Increase Horsepower? How Much?

True Duals are expensive, but they have significant power gains. They increase horsepower by about 10 to 25% by allowing the burned gases to exit your engine faster. They are more expensive than Power Duals. A True dual exhaust has free-flowing straight pipes that replace the restrictive headpipe.

Do Dual Exhausts Need Mufflers?

Yes, all motorcycle exhausts need mufflers to reduce the noise. Mufflers are also crucial because they keep the rider, passenger, and vehicles around it safe from exhaust leaks which can prove dangerous. Check out the best muffler for dual exhaust.

A muffler’s job is to absorb and dissipate harmful noise frequencies. It also keeps exhaust gases cool down. If you don’t have a muffler, it will make a really loud noise that can damage your ears and be a real hazard for pedestrians. Vance & Hines manufactures some of the best slip-on mufflers for true dual exhausts. You can check them out.

Why Get High-Performance Exhausts?

They are designed for increased power, torque & high-end driving performance. Usually, they are louder than stock motorcycle exhausts. You can identify them by chrome or titanium silencer and the reflective stainless steel piping of full length on both sides of the street bike’s rear fender tips.

Concluding Remarks

Choosing the right exhaust for your Harley Davidson is an important decision. There are many factors and options to consider, especially regarding power, performance, noise levels, and price. You should always check the level of sound it can generate. Please make sure they do not damage your ears and environment. Durable and high-quality material should be of your concern at the same time.

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