Best Short Antenna for Harley Davidson

If you’re tired of riding for hours listening to low-quality sounds on your Harley, it’s time to change the antenna. One needs to get an antenna offering not only noise-free sound but also offers steady hearing. Our following review has the best short antenna for Harley Davidson for the highest quality sound. Such antennas boost low signals for better sound even when riding on low signals areas. All of the following options are well-researched to make sure they work well on your bike.

Best Overall (for All Harley) – Rydonair 7″ Or Rydonair 9″

Best for Touring – Vofono Spiral 7″ or BA-Boling 7″ or AntennaX 5.5″

Best Stubby – CravenSpeed 4″ or KSaAuto 4.5″

Best for Glides – CravenSpeed Bullet or KSaAuto H12

Best for Softail – Bingfu Carbon Fiber or Krator V67

Best for Trike – Tekk or MaxRacing

Best Hidden – Krator V57 or Krator V72 or Kuryakyn or AntennaMastsRus

Best Short-Mid – Kuryakyn 12″

How Does An Antenna Work?

Harley Davidson antenna works as a receiver to capture radio waves. The antenna is responsible for generating the waves working as a transmitter antenna. Once a speaker speaks on the microphone, the same microphone converts the sound’s mechanical energy to electrical energy.

After the mechanical energy conversion to electrical energy, it is converted into waves. Such waves come as electric and magnetic waves. Your Harley receiver’s antenna will capture the radio waves. In short, short antennas convert waves into electrical energy, which is turned to sound energy. Sound energy is the sound you hear.

What Size is Considered Short for Antenna?

Short antennas are the most efficient due to their better reception. Short ones range from 4 to 7 inches, but the ideal length will depend on the stations you intend to listen to. Length also determines how the antenna appears on your bike. For those after listening to more frequencies, it’s better to for longer ones.

Best Short Antenna for Harley Davidson – Top Table

Why is Short Antenna Better for Harley?

Short antennas are the favorite among Harley lovers. Many love them for the quality of frequency transmission and receiving. While most bikers think long antennas offer an acceptable range, it’s a lie. Short antennas meet frequencies better and more efficiently provided you buy from renowned and trusted manufacturers.

The short model also looks great on a Harley. Other than offering more frequencies, you get to boost your bike’s overall appearance. Besides, you would not want an antenna hanging loose on your bike. That’s why most people are i9n love with this incredible device.

Buying Factors – Get an Antenna for Harley Davidson


Antenna reception refers to its ability to receive or transmit signals. Without a good reception, you will find your antenna useless. While riding on a device with better reception, you can comfortably listen to the music as you ride.

Length & Fitment

Short models work effectively but are not ideal for those riding outside town. Such models struggle when receiving many signals, especially when riding between cities on a highway. Your ideal length will depend on the stations you want or the antenna’s appearance on the bike. Make sure the antenna fits well on your bike to avoid discouragement.

Body and Conductivity Material

Most antennas have aluminum or metal coils inside. The inner material matters since its conductivity will highly determine the reception. Copper is among the most conductive materials as it has a higher conductivity compared to metal and aluminum.


Choose between the short or long models. Some models come with bullet shapes, though they are a bit bigger. Select the one you feel will offer an edgy and bold appearance that matches your overall bike.


Harley Davidson antennas are rarely heavy. However, it won’t hurt to check since some come with lighter material than others.

Hidden or Not

Short antennas for Harley are easier to install. Some riders want them hidden like a tracking device, while others like them out there. Choose to depend on your taste, even though the open ones boost your bike’s look.


Choose the antenna with quality construction to avoid breaking or chipping. Make sure your antenna is durable and resilient to tough use.

Weather Resistance

Premium materials on an antenna are resilient to corrosion, wear or even tear. Such antennas perform well in vast weather conditions, be it dust, rain, or wind.

Antenna for Harley Davidson – Best Brands

Rydonair is the best overall among short antenna manufacturers, considering its reception quality and integrated construction. Rydonair is also unique when it comes to efficient performance. 

Another reliable name is TEKK considering the quality of sound their antennas offer. Other than being short, it comes with a suitable price for every Harley Davidson owner.

KSaAuto is among the reputable brands and boasts more than 20 antennas for most Harleys. When it comes to customer service, KSaAuto never disappoints. Unlike some models that have aluminum material, our model features copper metal. As you all know, copper offers maximum conductivity leading to better signals.

Types of Motorcycle Antenna

Aluminum Short Antennas

Aluminum antennas come with an aluminum coil, ideal for signal conductivity. Aluminum is responsible for receiving signals coming from the transmitter antenna.

Copper Short Antennas

Copper antennas offer better conductivity compared to other metals. They can deliver a steady sound even after getting frail signals.

AM/FM Receivers

Such antennas are common, but they specifically receive FM or, at times, AM signals. Such frequencies are common and useful since most channels rest on these frequencies.

CB and Satellite Radio

Most of the short antennas lack this signal reception. Most of them lack satellite radio, receiving CB, or a GPS.

Short vs. Long Motorcycle Antennas

Motorcycle antenna length plays a crucial role when it comes to reception quality. However, the choice is up to the bike owner. Whether long or short, the two come with no significant differences. Many Harley owners prefer short antennas due to their stylish look.

On the other hand, long antennas catch more signals and frequencies than short ones. Some people may prefer the longer ones, but that does mean shorter ones never deliver. Besides, reception quality depends on the antenna’s overall quality. Meaning, even long antennas can perform poorly.

Steps & Tips – Installation or Relocation of a Harley Antenna

Short antenna installation is pretty easy. You only need to follow these simple steps.

  1. Unscrew your old antenna so you can install the new one. To do so, you need to rotate the antenna anti-clockwise to eliminate the older one.
  2. To install the new one, move the antenna clockwise to get it into position. If the antenna has a screw nut, you need to remove the lug nut to screw it. Place the newer one and make it tighter with a screw and nut.
  3. Being a Harley owner with no previous experience in antenna installation, you may use an antenna mounting bracket. You may find it hard to place a bracket since you need to remove several back parts of your Harley. For example, if you have already installed the bracket, support the back docking point with a stand and screw it. After that, place your antenna on the joint assembly.
Concluding Remarks

Finding the ideal short antenna for your Harley Davidson is an easier upgrade to your bike’s looks and technology. However, you will only receive the best if you go for the best. Before you go ahead and buy any short antenna for your Harley, make good use of the above features. Provided you follow our guide well, you will find an antenna compatible with your needs.

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