Best Motorcycle Tire Spoons – A Great Way to Tire Changing

Tire spoons are a great way to change a tire on a motorcycle. They have a number of benefits over other tools and are easy to use. A typical tire spoon has a curved design to fit between the rim and the tire. These tools are also reliable and durable. Unlike most other tire changing tools, tire-spoon kits come in a set with other tools and are worth purchasing if you intend to use them often. Whatever benefits they come with may not be of your use if you fail to pick the right spoon. The following best motorcycle tire spoons (bestsellers in retailer sites) can help you get the right one.

Bestseller No. 1
NEIKO 20601A 14.5 inch Steel Tire Spoon Lever Iron Tool Kit | Professional Tire Changing Tool for Motorcycle, Dirt Bike, Lawn Mower | 3 pcs Tire Spoons | 3 Rim Protector | Valve Tool | 6 Valve Cores
  • [QUALITY]: Hardened Steel-Iron construction with curved tips provide strong and reliable durability.
  • [PROTECTION]: Three highly durable Polypropylene Rim Protector to prevent damage to the rims.
  • [POWER]: Extra long lever at 14.5" offers more leverage and torque power.
  • [CONVENIENCE]: 4 Point Valve Tool allows for quick and easy deflation of tires and valve core replacement.
  • [UNIVERSAL]: This tool is perfect for motorcycles, bikes, dirt bikes, ATV, lawn tractors, garden tractors, cars and many more vehicle types.
Bestseller No. 2
ALPHA MOTO Motorcycle Tire Irons Level Changing Tool Rim Wheel Bead Breaker Three 15 inch Curve Spoons and Rim Protectors Combo Set
  • 🏍This is a complete kit you need for tire changing job.
  • 🏍Includes three 15" curve type tire irons, made of chrome vanadium with heat treatment comes with a carrying case.
  • 🏍Curved end design, the slim tip can easily fit between the tire and rim. These tire tools work great with any tire bead breaker. The ends have just the right curve to get the tires off and on, also the smooth finish on the ends extend far enough up the iron that you don't gauge your rims if you end up inserting the iron a little too far.
  • 🏍 We purposefully offer three tire irons and one set of rim protectors, as this is the minimum tools you need to perform a fast tire change. Each motorcycle tire iron is needed and has a special job to do.
  • 🏍 We are confident that this tire iron tool combo is the most cost-effective one to get your job done, if you are not 100% satisfied, just contact us, we will work the issue out with you until you are 100% satisfied.
Bestseller No. 3
Sumnacon Tire Levers Spoon Set, Durable Heavy Duty Motorcycle Bike Car Tire Irons Tool Kit with Hanging Hole,3 Pcs Tire Changing Spoon + 2 Pcs Rim Protector
  • Great for someone that has more than one motorcycle and wants to save on price of tire changing. The 10 inch length allows for the leverage you need to get the tire on and off the rim. A rim protector of some kind is a nice addition.
  • The spoon end is perfectly shaped so they don't scratch your rims and the handles are good for the hands and stuffing under the brake rotor.
  • The tire iron toolset very good ,its made of heavy duty steel! The molded handles provide a secure grip and the chrome finish keeps them rust free.Very handy tools for changing tires. If you plan on changing tires & tubes yourself, these are a must have for your tool box!
  • These spoons were excellent for slowly working the bead down and for getting decent grip on the lip of the tires. They don't have an aggressive bend so they were easy to slip between the tire and the rim lip. The edges were completely smooth with no sharp burrs.
  • Package include the 3 pieces of 10" Spoon levers and 2 rim protector. Changing a tire often requires more than one tire iron, so package includes three Tire Irons, and you can leave one as backup. These tools are perfect for motorcycle/bike tire changes. Any problem, welcome to send us the email.
Bestseller No. 4
Handfly Tire Spoons Tool Set, Professional Tire Changing Kit for Dirt Bike, Motorcycle, Wheelchair, Lawn Mower, Tractor, 3X Tire Spoons, 3X Rim Protectors, 1X Valve Tool, 6X Valve Cores (Basic Sets)
  • UNIVERSAL -- Suitable for removing and installing various sized tires on your vehicles and toys; perfect for motorcycle, dirt bike, ATV, lawn tractor, garden tractor, cars etc.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY -- Durable strong automotive grade drop forged steel offers more leverage and torque power. rustproof, polished chrome finish, provide strong and reliable durability.
  • EXCELLENT USE EXPERIENCE -- Rubber grip handle great to hold, Smooth rounded edges protect your bicycle tire tube and wheel rim from damage.
  • CONVENIENT -- 3X 11.4 inch tire spoons, 3X rim protector, valve tool, 6X valve cores, 8X Valve caps. Tire Spoons for removing and re-installing tires. Rim Protectors is used to protect your wheel rims from being scratched. Also, Free Valve core set and tire valve caps come with the package.
  • WARRANTY - If you have any question about the production, please feel free to contact with us, we will reply within 24 hours. This set supports a full refund or exchange.
Bestseller No. 5
SL Mall US ShenLang 14.5" Tire Spoon Lever Iron Tool Motorcycle Bike Professional Change Kit 3 PCS
  • Package includes: 3 x Motorcycle Bike Iron Tool
  • Materials: Heavy duty weather and rust-resistant strong automotive grade
  • Change the tire of motorcycles/bikes and other small tires like wheel
  • User Friendly: Easy grip handle,smooth rounded edges of the spoons,easy to use and without pinching your innertube
  • Weight:580g
Bestseller No. 6
KT Deals Tire Iron Spoons Changing Tire Lever Bar Set of 2 Tire Repair Tool Kit Rim Lifter Tire Changer Remove Tyre Heavy Duty Metal Steel for Motorcycle Bike Scooter Bicycle and More
  • ✅ JUST THE RIGHT TIRE REPAIR TOOLS - are compact so that you can easily carry them along with you. This can be a lifesaver on the trail or any time you ride far from home. With two spoons included, you’ll have one for each hand, which makes them perfect for those with a tendency to lose tools.
  • ✅ STRONG AND DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Unlike some other iron lever spoons in the market that can easily be broke, these ones are made from high quality forged steel then heat treated for strength and durability. They are about 11.7 inches long, offering adequate leverage and increases strength and bend resistance without added weigh. How cool is that?
  • ✅ PERFORM TIRE REPAIR - Whether you need to replace an inner tube or the tire entirely, this Changing kit is built for the job. Easy to use and specially designed for motorcycles, bikes, and other small tires, great for a damaged tire, to help you to disassemble for motorcycle and bike tire changing in the garage or while you’re travel.
  • ✅ SAVE YOURSELF SOME TIME AND EFFORT - Having the tools to perform the work yourself can still save you a lot of money in the long run, and this eergonomically designed tire seating tool set have the perfect shape for getting a good bite on the tire Ideal for mounting and dismounting motorcycle, golf cart, and more.
  • ✅ EASY TO USE - Screwdrivers and pry bars aren’t always the best tool for changing the tires, but our set of tire spoons will save a ton of frustration. Designed with one flat end for easy grip and holding and prying with the other curved spoon design for easier tire removal and installation while helping prevent accidental tube pinching, so you can finally change your tires with ease.
Bestseller No. 7
Fasmov Tire Iron Set Irons Changing Tool Kit, Set of 3
  • Made from high quality drop forged steel then heat treated for strength and durability
  • Pack of 3, approximately Size: 12 inch length, perfect size provides excellent leverage for those tough to change tires with rounded edges help avoid tube pinching and tire damage
  • Ergonomically designed, the perfect shape for getting a good bite on the tire
  • One end is flat for holding and prying with the other curved for a better grip on the bead
  • Ideal for mounting and dismounting motorcycle, golf cart, and more
Bestseller No. 8
Motion Pro 08-0536 BeadPro Forged Steel Tire Bead Breaker and Lever Tool Set
  • Heavy duty shop version of the innovative BeadPro tire tool
  • Multi-use tire tool set breaks the bead on most street and off road motorcycle tires
  • Integrated tire spoons for tire removal and installation while the 16 inch long handles makes removing and installing tires a breeze
  • Ergonomic design with cross guard to keep hand from riding forward
  • Chrome vanadium forged steel construction for heavy duty shop use with a durable black oxide finish
Bestseller No. 9
Motion Pro 08-0471 Bead Buddy II
  • Improves on the original Bead Buddy with durable 6061 aluminum construction, a blue anodized finish and a laser engraved logo
  • A must for installing Bib Mousse tubes
  • Used to push the tire bead down into the drop center of the rim on off-road wheels while using tire tools to change tires
  • Hooks over spoke and pushes bead down on opposite side of tire from tire irons
Bestseller No. 10
Fasmov 15.5" Tire Iron Set Irons Changing Tool Kit, Set of 3
  • Made from high quality drop forged steel then heat treated for strength and durability
  • Pack of 3, approximately Size: 15.5 inch length, perfect size provides excellent leverage for those tough to change tires with rounded edges help avoid tube pinching and tire damage
  • Ergonomically designed, the perfect shape for getting a good bite on the tire
  • One end is flat for holding and prying with the other curved for a better grip on the bead
  • Ideal for mounting and dismounting motorcycle, golf cart, and more

Benefits of Tire Spoon

If you’re planning to change your tire on the trail, a tire spoon can be a great tool to have with you. These tools are essential for bike shops and are useful when changing a flat tire, as they prevent accidental pinching of the inner tube. They are typically sold in sets of two or three, with the largest spoon measuring 11 inches. They’re made of durable molded steel and feature four rim protectors to prevent the inner tube from sliding around. The spoon’s ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use, even when you’re working with your motorcycle’s rims.

The tire spoon is made of durable, forged steel and features a patented design by Ken-Tool. Its rim-protecting edges protect rims from scratches and rips. A patented design ensures that the tips don’t cut the bead of the tire and will not tear the sidewall. Its angled tip and forged construction will minimize slippage while demounting a second tire bead.

A tire spoon features an ergonomic design and an extra-long handle for easy gripping. Its knurled non-slip grip also promotes good leverage and maneuverability. The spoon’s grooves allow you to straighten bent spokes, which will make the removal process easier. The spoons also come with bead breaker tools for demounting larger tires. A bead breaker is a handy accessory that can be used on both tubed and tubeless stems.

Types of Tire Spoons

If you are a frequent rider of bikes, ATVs, or scooters, you’ll probably need one of these tire spoons. These tools are designed to fit various types of tires and have a long, curved tip that promotes strong prying leverage.

Experts subdivide tire spoons considering their use and applicability, and based on that the following three are mainly key categories for tire spoons:

  • For Large Size Vehicle like Bus, Truck Car
  • For Medium to Small Size Vehicle Like Motorcycle or Lawn Equipment
  • For Smaller Vehicle Like Bicycle

There are many different types of motorcycle tire spoons on the market today. Choosing the right tire spoon is not an easy task with so many options on the market. Among the top-ranked motorcycle tire removers, the Ken-Tool spoon features a patented design with a long curved tip to provide strong prying leverage. Its slim groove is also ergonomically designed to avoid hand slippage. Its large curved gripping fits securely in the hand and provides hair-splitting accuracy.

Tire spoons can come in many different designs, styles, and prices. Most of the models are made of cold-forged steel with a zinc coating to extend their lifetime. They may also come with a vinyl grip to make them easier to grip and prevent slippage, which can lead to cuts and bad bruising. These motorcycle tire spoons are very versatile and will save your hand from suffering unnecessary damage. There are different types of motorcycle tire spoons on the market, so make sure you choose the right one for your specific needs.

Tire iron spoons have ergonomically designed handles with knurled non-slip grips to provide maximum control. You can insert them over the bead retaining flange or lip of the tire. Once the tire is positioned over the bead, pounding it with the spoon will break the bead and release the tire. Tire iron spoons also feature a unique tip that helps seize the rim. The tip prevents the bead from snapping back into the wheel.

Top Brands Producing Tire Spoons

There are many different motorcycle tire spoon brands on the market, but they all have certain characteristics in common when coming from the top brands. Among those the following are the key brands:

  • Motion Pro
  • Ken-Tool
  • Neiko
  • Dr.Roc

How to Select Tire Spoons – Key Considerations

There are a few key considerations when selecting a tire spoon for motorcycle use. One of these is size. Too large and the tool won’t have enough leverage for the job. Likewise, a small spoon won’t have enough leverage for the job. The wrong tool can actually chew up your wheel if not used correctly. Luckily, most tire spoons are sold in sets and come with other tools such as irons.

First, you want to choose a spoon that has a steel core. Plastic spoons tend to break, and you may end up in an even worse situation. Luckily, tire spoons have a steel core and a composite outer shell. The steel core allows them to be slim enough to fit any wheel and won’t damage your wheel. If you’re considering purchasing one of these tools for your motorcycle, you can read reviews on Amazon to find out what other riders think of a particular spoon.

Having a quality tool is essential for motorcycling. A quality motorcycle tire spoon should be comfortable and ergonomic. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you should choose an affordable model. However, there are many other motorcycle tire levers available. Some of the most popular ones are made by Ken-Tool, a company that has been around for over a century and has a focus on the market. The Ken-Tool tire spoon is a 37-inch long tool, with a 3/4-inch thickness and a double-ended design.

When choosing a motorcycle tire spoon, you should consider the size and design. You don’t want something too small or large, or else they won’t be able to break the bead. You’ll want something that is comfortable to use, and ergonomically designed to make it easier to break the bead. Buying the wrong size can also cause your wheels to damage. You should be able to tell what type of tire you’ll be removing with the spoon by its size, but if it is difficult to determine, you can always refer to the description to make sure it is suitable for the particular model of tire you’re going to be removing.

The best tire spoons are made of cold-forged steel and feature ergonomic handles. Most of these spoons have a zinc coating to increase their lifespan. They also feature a vinyl grip for added comfort. A curved handle is much easier to grip than a hard one, and a wide radius spoon can render hair-splitting accuracy. A high-quality motorcycle tire spoon is an investment that will last a long time.

How many tire spoons do you need

You’ll need two spoons: one for getting the tire over the rim and the other for getting more of the tire over the rim. You’ll have to start with small increments from the stationary spoon, but it’ll get easier when you’ve covered half the tire.

Motorcycle tire spoons are designed to change tires quickly and easily. This accessory is great if you ride frequently or want to do it on your own. You can purchase a set of four or eight and use them to change your tires easily and safely. The best type of spoon is the spoon-shaped tool. A motorcycle tire spoon is about 11 inches long. When you buy a set, you also get the bag and the rubberized rim protectors.

If you own a motorcycle, a tire spoon is an essential piece of equipment. You never know when you might need one. A bike tire spoon will help you fix a blown tube, whether you’re on the trail or far away from home.

How do you spoon a motorcycle tire

If you have a flat tire, you might be wondering how to spoon a motorcycle tire. First, you’ll need a tire spoon. You can get a small one from your motorcycle tool kit, or you can buy a longer one. Either way, it’s important to be careful not to puncture the tire rim when using the spoon.

To remove the wheel, first lift the motorcycle up off the ground. Afterward, pull the axle out. Once you’ve removed the wheel, remove the rim to release the wheel. Be sure to wear safety glasses while lifting a motorcycle. Then, pull the spoon up the edge of the tire. If the tube is still in the rim, use a wire brush or cordless drill to remove any rust. If it’s not already removed, use a corrosion inhibitor to prevent further rusting.

When using a tire spoon, make sure to get one that has a non-slip grip and ergonomic design. This way, you won’t pinch the inner tube when you remove the tire. And you can rest assured that the spoon will not scratch the rims, unless you try to do it with too much leverage. In either case, you should use a rim protector to protect the rims.

What can I use instead of a spoon on a tire

If you’ve ever struggled to change a motorcycle tire, you probably wondered, “What can I use instead of a spoon?” Here you will get how to remove a tire safely. Using a tire lever, you can lift the tire edge. You should hold the lever with one hand while pushing down on the tire with the other. Once you’ve removed the tire, you can clean the rim with Tide.

Another type of motorcycle tire wrench you can use is a metal tire hammer. The motion pro Spoon Type steel tire iron is a great choice. These are a classic option, and they’re made of heavy-duty steel. These tire wrenches measure about 10 inches long, and weigh 7.1 ounces. They have a spoon-shaped end and curved handles for easy leverage. Both wrenches come in a convenient vinyl pouch, and you can buy them separately or as a set of two. You can also purchase an extra tire lever if you need one.

Tire spoons are an excellent option for removing the bead. Small tire spoons are included in most motorcycle tool kits. Larger spoons give you more leverage when removing the bead. To use the tire spoon, slide the spoon between the tire and rim, allowing the end to hook onto the edge of the tire. Pull the tire iron to the center of the rim with the spoon.

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