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The truth is that the manufacturers hardly make motorcycle seats for a class of riders. They usually maintain the shape and size of all seats keeping the standard height of people of an entire region, for instance, the average height of American males is 5 feet 9 inches. But that does not mean you’ve no solution as a relatively shorter person than the standard height. Manufacturers do not produce lower seats in general, but they make many of those adjustable. It means you can lower them as low as 1 inch. If it’s still not enough for your requirement, installing lowered shocks in addition to lowering the seat can resolve the issue entirely. However, here we have listed several adjustable seats that are considered to be the best Harley seat for short riders.

Best for Touring – Mustang Lowdown or Mustang 79910

Best Solo – Mustang Lowdown Solo or Mustang Wide Tripper

Best for Street Glide – Mustang 79006 or XMT-MOTO

Best Vehicle Specific – Mustang Super Touring

Best for Softail – Mustang 79738 or Mustang 76390

Best for Sportster – Mustang 76145 or Mustang 76728 

Best for Dyna – Mustang 75595 or TCMT S11-01 or Mustang 75445

Best Double – TCMT Rider+Passenger or XFMT Two

Best Harley Seat for Short Riders – Top Selections

What Short is Called Short for a Harley Bike?

Most people ranging from 5 feet 6 inches and below may find riding even a standard bike challenging. As you already know, American males have an average height of 5 feet 9 inches and the bikes produced there are based on that height in mind. Since most bikes’ height starts at 31 inches, those with shorter legs are usually disadvantaged. However, that does not mean a shorter person cannot ride a bike. Even though you must not put both feet on the ground, one should use a single foot. Besides, there are shorter bikes ideal for shorter people. Such bikes include a seat height of about 23 inches, meaning a shorter person will ride comfortably. Finally, you can choose to lower the bike using a lower-height (adjustable) seat. In short, if you are below 5.5 feet, finding an ideal bike is not easy.

Can You Be Too Short to Ride a Motorcycle?

There is no height requirement when it comes to riding a motorbike. Even the people who are short can have equal fun riding just like the taller ones. However, being short means you need to choose a bike ideal for your height, especially considering the foot stepping issue when necessary.

Good news! Most bikes come with adjustable seats where you can set your ideal seat height. Provided you know how to get balance and handle the bike weight with one foot, you can ride. There are short bikes ideal for shorter people, and as long as you choose the right one, you can have fun.

Considerations – Buying the Best Harley Seat for Short Riders

Seat’s dimension

For a fun experience, make sure the bike seat is lower than the ones in stock to help rest the feet on the ground. It’s also good to make sure the seat is wide. A broader seat boosts comfort when riding long distances.


Relaxing your back muscles is crucial when riding. Some bikes come with adjustable backrests to make sure they complement your sitting posture depending on your size and height. However, all bike seats do not include backrests. You can choose to buy custom-made seats or buy the bike with a seat you feel comfortable when riding.

Quality of Materials

Whether cheap or pricey, quality is the only stuff that you need to remain keen on. Always make sure the seat has quality foam beneath as well as quality cover construction. Synthetic leather is the most durable, but vinyl is also a great performer.


Water can wet the bike seat; hence there is a need to get resilient water seats. Make sure the seat does not absorb water. Other features to consider on the seat are the front bucket as well as the drain.

Top Brands – Harley Seats for Shorter Riders


Our best overall is the Mustang bike seats. Since Mustang is renowned for the production of quality and comfortable seats, you will never go wrong. Their seats are ideal for transportation, leisure, and industrial bikes, considering the air cell technology used on the seats.

TCMT Rider

Since TCMT is among the best bike seat manufacturers, you get better value for your money. As one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle passenger seats, the TCMT Hammock seat promises good value for money. TCMT seats are lightweight, making them ideal for long rides. Such pieces include high-density cell cushioning and ergonomic shapes for comfort. The shapes make the seat ideal for supporting your lower back and the posterior.

Custom Harley Seats for Short Riders

Custom bike seats help in upgrading the bike, making it appear sleek. Such seats help you customize the bike depending on your taste. Besides, all manufacturers may not know your specific taste on all crucial parts.

If your bike fits you badly, it’s possible to turn the fit using a custom seat. Some bikes come with heel-down seats to make them ideal for short riders. If you need to move closer to the bar, a custom need will be good for you. On the other hand, taller riders may get a custom seat that increases seat height for comfort.

Low Ride Motorcycle or Lowering that – What’s Better?

Low-ride motorbikes are ideal since they boast low seat heights ideal for short individuals. They also include the low center of gravity. However, their ergonomics is well-spaced, but they tend to be a bit heavier. Even though such bikes are comfortable, they are somehow challenging to ride at low speeds. 

On the other hand, lowering motorcycle seats boosts the bike’s comfort as you can easily reach the ground. By shaving a small portion of the seat, you can firmly plant your feet on the surface. Lowering the bike means you need not spread the legs much around the bike. 

Can a 5 Foot Person Ride a Harley?

Riding a Harley comes with no height requirement. Short people can have equal fun riding the bike just like taller individuals. Shorter people can comfortably tear up the road enjoying what the road has to offer. Provided they know how to balance weight on their bike, they can ride. They need to learn to balance the weight on a single foot and ride comfortably and safely. Most Harley bikes ideal for short riders offer aftermarket options enabling them to adjust the bike seat height. 

Which Harley has the Lowest Seat Height?

Most people think that all Harley bikes are huge, and that’s not always the case. Some of them are shorter enough to fit shorter individuals. For instance, Harley Sportster 1200 Low, which has about 24.4 inches of seat height, is significantly lower than most others, but not the lowest. As we see, the Softail Slim has a seat height of about 23.8 inches, making it the lowest among all. It’s 1690cc and weighs around 700lbs. Having a well-balanced stance and low gravity center, it remains the favorite Harley bike for short riders.

Motorcycle : for Short Women vs. for Short Men

Motorbikes for both men and women come with less difference since they all aim at one thing, a comfortable and fun ride. However, men’s bikes are usually heavier with higher frames. On the other hand, women’s bikes are less bulky with shorter frames.

As women usually are shorter than men, so most of their bikes are lower. Shorter torso length is another reason why female bikes have shorter reach lengths. Such features are the ones differentiating between a man and a woman bike. However, most bike shops ignore such features and concentrate on making bikes that fit various body proportions. The best way to get the ideal bike is by performing a test ride. Provided you feel comfortable riding, it’s the ideal bike for you.

Concluding Remarks

Choosing a Harley is generally a bit challenging if someone is short. Fortunately, various alternative options may help the person ride his beloved Harley regardless of height – the best Harley seat for a short individual is probably the easiest among those! Why late then?

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