Best Cheap Motorcycle Gloves – Get it Under $100 or $50

Motorcycle gloves offer protection, warmth, and comfort to your hands. However, as handy as they are, choosing these can be tricky. The glove’s make and quality go for matter regardless of your riding needs. Most people settle on poor-quality options thinking that quality ones are pricey. That’s not always the case; one can find cheap but quality products if he searches a bit delicately. We’ve checked nearly 50 pairs of the most sold and inexpensive gloves and found several from those more than worthy. Here in the following list, we have included those cheap yet best motorcycle gloves to help you get the best deal.

Best Overall – Alpinestars SP-8 V2

Most Affordable – ILM or Joe Rocket

Best for Cruising – Alpinestars or Milwaukee

Best for Summer Hot – TitanOPS Hard Knuckle

Best Heated for Winter – SabotHeat or WildYak

Best Leather – Indie Ridge or Superbike or J4B

Best Motocross/ Dirt – Seibertron or Fox Racing

Best Waterproof – Gordini Gore

Best Half-Finger – Riparo

Best Women-Specific – Joe Rocket Velocity

Best for Numb Hands – Olympia Sports

Are Cheap Gloves Worth Getting?

Wearing any glove is better than riding with no gloves at all. As a result, you must not spend much money on a simple piece. Carbon fibers, quality leathers, and other high-quality textiles are used on pricey gloves. However, some gloves are highly-priced due to the brand, even if they offer the same protection as the cheaper ones. When deciding on the ideal cheap glove, buy the most comfortable one as that’s what matters. It’s possible to find an affordable but comfortable glove in the market. If asking if it’s worth getting the cheap one, why not? Provided it will keep your hands warm and safe, you are good to go.

Low-Cost vs. High-Cost

High-cost motorbike gloves use different construction materials compared to low-cost ones. As pricey as some gloves are used to them and can’t ride without them regardless of the cost. However, that does not mean they are the only safe ones to ride on. It’s possible to get low-cost ones offering wonderful feeling and protection to the hands.

If you know what to look for in motorcycle hand gloves, you do not have to spend much money on the pair. Those who are careful enough will easily get the best without sacrificing too much when choosing a cheaper glove. You will get better material, armor, and fantastic features. When it comes to keeping the hands protected, cheap gloves can do a good job even more.

Affordable Motorcycle Gloves – Best Collections

Materials To Look Out For

Leather falls on the palm or the entire glove. Leather is tough and can withstand rocks and rough ground if you fall off the bike. Cowhide or goatskin leathers are the common leather types used on cheap gloves. Manufacturers love using these leathers to offer enough protection at a lower price.

Textiles can work well, provided the manufacturer does it right. Most of them come with double stitching and mesh panels to make them breathable. Mesh panels also make them somehow stylish and offer a decent stretch.

Motorcycle Glove Types


Most riders consider gauntlet gloves the safest. You may notice the shape of a traditional glove covering the hand and wrist. The glove extends up to the forearm from the wrist. Riders who wear a jacket will love the glove as it goes under the jacket for more protection. 


Summer gloves are great when worn during hot days. These come with a breathable construction to ensure your hands never sweat while riding. 


During winter, you need gloves that can handle cold weather. Winter gloves come with insulation and are made from thicker materials. Some of them come with heating features.

What is a Breathable Glove?

A breathable glove is a hand glove with ventilation to keep you cool during hot seasons. An open-back glove does not make it breathable. It should be able to allow air to pass through. Breathable gloves allow the user to maintain manual dexterity even when working on small tools. Your hands will also stay safe from scratches and contaminants. Most of the breathable ones are ideal for lightweight and low-risk rides. If riding during winter, breathable ones are not the best.

Why Do Motorcycle Gloves Have Hard Knuckles?

Most motorcycle gloves come with hard knuckles for better flexibility and ventilation. Hard knuckles are crucial in reducing stress on the leather and the holes on the fingers and palms for ventilation. These features are also great since making sure the glove does not prevent movement. The fastener closures at the back of the glove make sure you get a comfortable fit on your wrist. Hard knuckles on bike gloves are also designed to offer cushioning in accidents. 

How Tight Should Your Gloves Be?

Hand gloves may boost or negatively affect your riding experience. They should not fit too tight or too loose. For the best results, consider getting the gloves dimensions among the many choices in the market. Measure your hands to know the right size for you. If you choose hand gloves that are too tight, you may lose control over the bike while riding. On the other hand, if you get loose gloves, they may slip off the hands while riding.

Way to Soften Leather Motorcycle Gloves

1. Soak the gloves – place the gloves in hot water and leave them for about 10 minutes.

2. Wear them – put on the gloves for at least 30 minutes. The leather will start stretching and softening.

3. Hang them to dry – make sure you do not machine dry them.

4. Wear them again – put them on again for 30 minutes.

5. Apply alcohol – while still on the hands, pour alcohol on a clean towel and start rubbing it on the gloves’ surface.

6. Remove the gloves – after applying alcohol, remove them.

7. Apply leather conditioner – to make sure the gloves stay in good condition, apply conditioner and keep them safe for use.

Motorcycle Gloves: Summer vs. winter

When choosing between winter and summer gloves, they are all great gloves as they can work well in their desired seasons.

Since summer gloves are meant to be worn during sunny and hotter days, they are breathable on the back and palm. Most summer gloves come with vents on the fingers for breathability. They are lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. However, some summer gloves lack crucial protective features like knuckle guards.

On the other hand, winter gloves are ideal for riding in the cold. These gloves come with insulation and include thicker materials in their construction. Some of them even come with heating elements. The gloves are water resilient, meaning you can comfortably ride even as it pours.

Full Finger vs. Half Finger vs. Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

Fingerless gloves are ideal for keeping off the heat and keeping the fingers sweat-free during summer. They leave the thumb and fingers exposed to open air for better breathability.

On the other hand, a half finger is a glove that exposes some finger parts. The gloves are not only breathable but also stylish. Half-finger gloves make sure you never experience sweats that come with full finger gloves.

Unlike fingerless and half-finger gloves, full finger gloves cover the entire hand. The gloves offer superior protection to the hands, making them ideal for bike racing.

Concluding Remarks

Comfort, breathability, and protection do not always have to come pricey. Even cheaper hand motorcycle gloves can do a better job. Any accident can harm your hands, and that’s why you need a quality glove. With the above review, choosing the best cheap motorcycle gloves is easier.

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