Best Air Ride For Harley Touring – Top in 2022 [with Guide]

Air rides are ideal for not only boosting comfort but makes the riding experience funnier. It’s true that compared to spring shocks, air suspensions have some disadvantages, but they are still great in some areas like reduced noise, harshness, and vibration. Due to advancements in other suspension systems, you’ll find a small number of top-notch aftermarket air rides available these days. This article includes a few of those best air ride for Harley Touring.

Premium Choice – Legends Aero-A or Arnott Fox or Legends Aero HVG

Best Value- XFMT Adjustable Rear Air Ride or TCT-MT Rear Air Ride

Best for Baggers – Kemimoto Rear Air Ride or SLMOTO Rear Air Ride

Best Budget Friendly – Monroe MA785

Best for Street Glide & Road King –  XFMT or TCT-MT or Happy Motor

Best Front Air Ride for Harley Touring – American Suspension

Working Science of Motorcycle Air Ride Suspension

Air ride kits involve the installation of the air suspension system on the bike. Air suspension system works on the usage of inflatable air springs for raising or lowering the bike. Then the bike works on compressed air conveyed to the springs by the compressor. Air ride suspension ratio offers the ideal suspension level, whether stiff or soft. As a result, you get the results you desire when riding in different conditions. When a motorcycle is raised, the rider enjoys a smooth ride and boosts stability when lowered. Once the bike is raised or lowered to your ideal position, you get better handling, and your riding experience becomes enjoyable.

Benefits of Air Ride on Your Harley

  • Offers higher flexibility for the rider to adjust their suspension;
  • Most air suspensions are durable since they come with nickel and brass construction;
  • Makes long riding tolerable and comfortable;
  • Easier installation means there are fewer chances of human error;
  • Such kits can easily turn around the riding dynamics due to the variety of options offered on settings adjustment;
  • Helps in boosting riding and high-speed performance of the bike;
  • Since the kit lacks springs, that’s a big plus to the performance of the air ride suspension.

Best Air Ride For Harley Touring – Top List

Harley Air Ride Suspension Pricing

Even though air ride suspensions are made with precision from high-quality parts, they are affordable. Depending on how you intend to use your kit, expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $700. All you need is to go through several options until you find the ideal one for you. 

Buying Factors – for the Best Harley Air Ride Kit

Fitment to Your Harley Bike – You want to buy an air ride that will fit your bike type. Always check for the specifications and user reviews to get more on the fitment. Always ensure you get the ideal kit for your needs.

Rear or Front – Air kits can fit on the rear or front part of the bike seat. Just choose depending on where you wish to have yours installed. 

Adjustability of Suspension – More adjustability means you will get more accommodation as you ride. The normal suspension adjustability ranges from 9 to 13 inches.

Suspension Sag – Suspension sag refers to the volume of compression you use when you are neutral on the bike. The ideal suspension sag should remain about 30% of the bike’s extension length.

Complete Kit – Buying a complete kit is a good idea since you don’t have to buy extra parts later. Make sure you read the kit’s description before buying. Just make sure the air ride comes with every necessary part.

Air Ride vs Spring Ride – Some bikers consider an air ride the perfect suspension for lateral control, handling, and stability. However, spring rides also come with similar characteristics. Some of the traits of the spring ride include motion control and oscillation. 

An air ride’s suspension system makes it easier for the suspension to soften or stiffen greatly. Any motorbike enthusiast can delight in this feature for the benefits it offers. For example, it’s possible to adjust their ride quality no matter the riding environment.

Ride Quality and Comfort – Is an Air Ride on Harley Worth It?

An air ride is a worthy investment considering improved biker comfort. As a solo rider, you may not feel the difference. But, if you adjust for two individuals, you will feel comfortable. As a comfort-oriented technological piece, it does wonder in softening the bike suspension. You will achieve a non-exaggerated suspension softening, thus boosting the ride quality.

Risks Associated with Adding an Air Ride Suspension

Cost – Air rides are hard to buy for those under budget since they are pricier. 

Prone to air leaks – Once you install the piece, the chances of having an air leak on the suspension are high.

Moisture damage – Air rides may leak on some parts, leading to moisture damage after some years of use

Fitting failure – If one adds the air ride wrongly, that may lead to fitting failure, thus ill performance.

Harley Air Ride Suspension Installation and Maintenance

  • Prepare the bike before starting installation.
  • Wear eye protection and secure the bike with jacks or stands
  • Removing the coil.
  • Remove the front struts and coil spring depending on the kit’s instruction. Determine where you intend to install the air suspension, whether front or rear.
  • Prepare for the installation.
  • Install the back air spring or the coil where the previous spring sat.
  • Install the front one at the exact place with the previous air strut.
  • Make sure you install the compressor and air tank at the back spare tire.
  • Wire the bike’s compressor for power and air since that’s what they need to work.
  • Double-check to make sure everything is tight in place.
  • Sit on the bike and measure your weight and adjust it.
  • Maintain the air rides by regularly checking on their line connection and system leaks. Also, always keep them clean.

Oil Change (Add) in Harley Air Ride Suspensions

  • To change the oil on the air ride suspension, follow these steps
  • Take out the oil filter cap
  • With a frame jack, access the lower side of the bike
  • Place the oil drain in place as you drain the oil
  • Take out the oil filter
  • Install a new filter
  • Fill its tank with fresh oil

Is Air Suspension Expensive to Fix?

Once the air suspension gets flat, fixing it is not only hard but expensive as well. Any rider should opt to replace the air spring, electronic struts, or shocks with a better kit. Make sure the kit includes quality coil steel springs, including the usual shocks or struts.

Is Air Suspension Good for Daily Driving?

Provided an air ride is well installed with quality components, it can work well even when driven daily. Quality components make sure the ride is never affected by the change in weather. Even when it’s hot or cold, you can still enjoy a comfortable and convenient ride. 

Can You Drive Fast with Air Suspension?

Why should you not drive fast? Provided your bike is in good condition, you can comfortably ride fast on your air suspension. The suspension offers extra support and smoothens a bumpy road to ensure you get enough control when riding. Whether fast or slow, you will enjoy your ride.

Can You Drive With Broken Air Suspension?

According to experts, one should not drive if the air suspension is broken. Any collapsed or damaged spring may lead to sagging and sounds. Sagging leads to angles misalignment. While it is possible to ride, your ride will feel tough, and the bike will be hard to control.

Concluding Remarks

Owning the best air ride for your Harley means your package includes essential kits. Hopefully, you now know which kit will fit your needs for our review. Provided you choose the best, you will, in turn, benefit from the best riding experience. All the best!

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