Basic Motorcycle Maintenances – Once in a Year

A motorcycle is not just a bike; it is an investment. Being an owner, you understand the importance of keeping your prized possession in tiptop shape. Unless a new owner, you are probably no stranger to how proper maintenance is crucial to ensure your bike is always fit, comfortable and safe to ride. However, this article may help you if you are a new owner, as we shall discuss basic motorcycle maintenance issues. Here we include some particular maintenance items you should have done at least once a year. 

Checklist for basic motorcycle maintenance

How to do the maintenance on your own that a professional completes? Answers to the following questions are what you need to do for getting the job done:

  • How to change the oil? 
  • How to replace the air filter? 
  • How to bleed motorcycle brakes from empty? 
  • How to change the coolant?
  • How to clean a carburetor?
  • How to keep a chain clean? and 
  • How to maintain tire pressure and thread? 

Most of these tasks are yearly maintenance or on an as-needed basis for your bike, like lubricating the shocks

Some of these areas on the bike are easier to tell when they need to be addressed. For example, you will be able to see if your tires need air or check for dark fluids if your brakes need to be replaced and bled. 

Additionally, do not forget that you will need to purchase new tires, get your brakes flushed, and replace various bike parts over the bike’s lifetime. 

Again, to be extra safe, you may want to complete some maintenance more frequently, specifically if you tend to utilize your bike more often than normal. 

If these maintenances are not done at least once a year, it is almost certain that your bike will not run well and may not even be safe to drive in some instances. 

Use Your Tools 

The significant part of owning a motorcycle is that the yearly maintenance cost is relatively low. You will be able to complete several of these maintenance items if you happen to be handy. Additionally, countless helpful videos on YouTube and the Internet walk you through how to complete various maintenance tasks and answer almost any questions. However, if you do not want to complete the maintenance yourself, it is best to find a local shop specializing in motorcycles to get your maintenance done by professionals. Giving your bike the proper care is extremely important so that it runs well and is safe for you and other drivers on the road.

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